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If you have any questions regarding a specific program please use the following contact information (note that the addresses and numbers will be active 5 days before the program). For general information please contact the New York office at (212) 932-3049 or

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ProgramDatesEmailPhone Number
The Oxford Tradition1 July - 28
L'Académie de Paris2 July - 29
L'Académie de France2 July - 29
The College Experience in Boston24 June - 21
The New York College Experience25 June - 22
Oxbridge at St Andrews27 June - 24
Oxbridge at UCLA29 June - 26
La Academia de España3 July - 30
The Oxford Summer Seminars30 July - 6
The Oxford Prep Experience30 June - 26
The New York College Seminar31 July - 6
La Academia de Barcelona4 July - 31
The Cambridge Prep Experience7 July - 2
Oxbridge at UCLA Prep8 July - 28
The Cambridge Tradition8 July - 4

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Promenade du Peyrou in Montpellier, France. Main image on the homepage for our programs in Montpellier, France and Paris, France as well as our programs in Barcelona, Spain and Salamanca, Spain. The program names are L'Académie de France, L'Académie de Paris, La Academia de Barcelona, and La Academia de España, respectively.

Grades 9-12Europe

The Statue of Liberty in New York City, New York in the United States. Main image on the home page for programs in Los Angeles, New York, and Boston in the United States. These include Oxbridge at UCLA, Oxbridge at UCLA Prep, the New York College Experience, the New York College Seminar, and the College Experience in Boston, respectively.

Grades 7-12United States



We offer more than 200 subjects. Popular courses include Medicine, Law, Business, and Psychology.

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Leading academics (Rhodes, Gates and Marshall Scholars) and industry experts teach our students.

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Educators & School Groups

We offer professional development courses for teachers, while schools can have the chance to build their own bespoke syllabi.

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