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Oxbridge Academic Programs has been offering summer study programs to adventurous students in grades 8-12 for over 35 years. We are based in some of the world's best universities, and in historically and culturally significant cities across England, France, Spain, and the United States. Depending on the program, students choose up to two subjects to study–a Major and a Minor/Workshop–from a range of more than 150 subjects. Outside of class, there are a huge number of elective extra-curricular activities for every program, as well as guest speakers, workshops, and field trips.

Wherever you go with us, you can build your own unique study experience.

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Oxbridge in Barcelona
Grades 9 - 12
One session |
 July - August 2023

Now in its 17th year, Oxbridge in Barcelona offers a wide range of courses in English, such as Architecture, International Business, or Marine Biology, as well as all levels of Spanish instruction, from beginner to full language-immersion courses such as Cultura y cocina.

1919 Gallows Road, Suite 700,
Vienna, VA 22182, USA
T: (212) 932-3049 I F: (212) 663-8169
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