Oxbridge students at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts

Courses - Oxbridge In New York

Students on our Oxbridge in New York program choose two courses; a Major, which they take six mornings a week, and a Workshop, which they take three afternoons a week. There are 16 courses available in this program, all of which are inspired and influenced by the unique energy of New York City and its industries. From Creative Writing and Criminology to Medical Science and Musical Theater, there is truly a course for every interest on our Oxbridge in New York program.

Digital Marketing

Studying within walking distance of Times Square in the city that's home to Mad Men, students discover the power of suggestion, persuasion, and product placement. Scouring New York for case studies and creative examples, they explore different types of advertising and branding, and find out how new forms of media are transforming the game. Drawing on their creative skills, students study a range of design techniques and, having settled on a product, design and run their own campaigns. Lab fee of $100 US for the Major.​


Working in the city that famously developed its own variety of strong policing in order to defeat a rampant crime problem while drawing on aspects of criminology, law, psychology, and forensics, students seek to understand what turns people into criminals and how society responds to the challenges of criminal behavior. They spend time with the NYPD officers who fight crime on the streets, discover how society deals with criminals by meeting with lawyers and visiting courthouses, and learn how the authorities are adapting to challenges such as cybercrime and terrorism.

Finance And Business

Utilizing the resources of the world’s financial capital, students discover the instruments and institutions that make up modern finance and are vital to budding entrepreneurs. From principles of finance such as compound interest, time value of money, and portfolio theory, they move on to how finance and financial markets actually work. They address the main business principles of strategic planning, marketing, economics, finance, and accounting. Concepts covered include SWOT analysis, developing a marketing strategy, and the creation of a product-centered company. For their final project, students create a mock company that they present in a “Shark Tank” scenario, mirroring the high pressure, quick tempo presentations used at colleges, business schools, and startup incubators around the world.

Politics and Human Rights

This course focuses on the history of political thought, the evolution of Human Rights within it, and the state of Human Rights today. Students tackle contemporary issues such as economic disparity, mass migration, new technologies, policy making, political power, and terrorism. They also discover how different types of governments, NGOs, and supranational agencies, such as the European Union, address Human Rights issues in practice. All this takes place in the city that is home to the United Nations.

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