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Courses - Oxbridge in Barcelona

Students on Oxbridge in Barcelona choose a Major and a Minor from 14 academic and creative options, designed to make the most of their summer in Barcelona while using its extraordinary resources. All courses promote experiential learning with museum visits and field trips, eminent guest speakers, project-work, and more.

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Barcelona is an architect’s dream: from Gothic churches to Modernist homes and buildings, the city boasts some of the world’s most distinctive edifices. Students discover two thousand years of urban development, from the Roman ruins in the city’s ancient Gothic Quarter, to Gaudí’s spectacular Modernismo, to FC Barcelona’s majestic stadium, while learning how to transform their own ideas into models. Materials fees of $75 US for the Major. 

De la mano de chefs, críticos gastronómicos, nutricionistas e historiadores, esta asignatura es un placer para los sentidos. Los estudiantes ganan confianza con el español mezclándose con locales visitando mercados, panaderías, pastelerías y carnicerías. Los estudiantes descubren la rica diversidad gastronómica española y catalana, de gran relevancia en la actualidad, pues cocineros españoles como Ferrán Adrià y los hermanos Roca son reconocidos mundialmente. Al mismo tiempo los alumnos aprenden sobre la dieta mediterránea y sus bondades para la salud. La cuota de laboratorio es de $300 US para la clase Major; $250 US para la clase Minor.

Students discover Spanish cuisine focusing first on different regional specialties like paella and gazpacho or pinchos, and secondly on the vital role that Barcelona has played, and continues to play, in the culinary world. Students visit markets, bakeries, butchers, and pastry shops, where they discover first-hand the culinary richness of the city. Students also prepare dishes that they share as a class and can recreate back at home. Materials fees of $300 US for the Major and $250 US for the Minor.

Few cities are as creative and fashionable as Barcelona. Exploiting these extraordinary resources, students become fashionistas in their own right. By studying the artists and designers who have made Barcelona famous, and by meeting with local creators and entrepreneurs, they acquire the skills to design, create, and develop their own brands from scratch. They present their portfolios and creations at the end of the program. Materials fees of $100 US for the Major; $50 US for the Minor.

En este curso los estudiantes desarrollan su propia visión fotográfica de Barcelona y se sumergen en las riquezas visuales de la ciudad, como la arquitectura y el arte callejero. Tanto los principiantes como los fotógrafos más avanzados hacen de la ciudad su estudio; trabajan el retrato, el paisaje urbano, el fotoperiodismo y la fotografía artística. Al final del programa los estudiantes exponen sus mejores trabajos. Los estudiantes necesitan una cámara digital con cable USB, cargador, manual y tarjeta de 8GB. La cuota de laboratorio es de $75 US para la clase Minor.

Taking advantage of our residence’s proximity to Barcelona’s financial center, students gain first-hand knowledge of current issues in the world of business and economics by studying local corporations. They perform case studies on topics ranging from brand positioning to crisis management and – to cap off the course – develop and present a business plan for a start-up venture.

Combining theory, case studies, and hands-on projects, students address the leading IR issues of our time. They examine how bodies such as the UN, WTO, EU, and ICC act upon the world stage, and how sovereign nations influence (and are influenced by) the world beyond their own borders. Globalization, peacekeeping, security, terrorism, diplomatic negotiation, legal arbitration, the media, and the interface between Islam and the West, are among the topics discussed. Students in this course hone their critical thinking, debate, and presentation skills.

The oceans are a scientific frontier that is in urgent need of deeper understanding. As Barcelona is a major seaport, students are able to combine trips to the coast with visits to the renowned Institut de Ciències del Mar and the city’s world-class aquarium. Course topics include indigenous marine life, the local ecosystem, species differentiation, engineering, coastal preservation, evolutionary biology, the environmental challenges the oceans face, and possible solutions.

This hands-on course introduces students to key aspects of medicine and modern medical practice. Combining specialist lectures with experiments and class discussions, students learn the main principles of human anatomy and physiology, the pathology and significance of certain diseases, the main challenges that medical science faces today, and the variety and changing nature of careers in medicine.

Este curso de expresión oral y escrita se dirige a los estudiantes que quieren enriquecer su vocabulario y afianzar el conocimiento de la gramática española, como el empleo del condicional y del subjuntivo, la conjugación de los tiempos verbales, o la elección de los pronombres personales y relativos. Los estudiantes leen la prensa regional y nacional, visionan extractos de películas contemporáneas, discuten sobre temas de actualidad y se inician en el arte del debate.


This advanced course focusing on oral and written expression is designed for students who wish to enrich their vocabulary and improve their understanding of Spanish grammar and its complexities, such as the use of the subjunctive and the conditional tenses, verb tense agreement and the choice of personal and relative pronouns. Students read the national press and examine excerpts from contemporary films, they discuss current events and social issues and are introduced to the art of debate. They work on different types of writing and create a portfolio that they present at the end of the program.

Beginners and experienced photographers transform Barcelona into their private studio, honing their skills on assignments that cover portraiture, urban landscapes, photojournalism, and art photography. All students exhibit their best work at the end of the program. Students need to bring their own DSLR camera with USB cable, charger, manual, and at least one 8GB memory card. Materials fees of $75 US for the Minor. 

In this survey course, students investigate a wide range of psychological topics including dreams, memory, consciousness, anxiety, body language, gender, sexuality, and education. As well as examining the history of the subject, select case histories, and various mental disorders, students are introduced to research methodologies and diverse analytical frameworks in order to design their own experiments. They come away from the course with a better understanding of the career options in this field and possible areas for further research.

Dentro de la óptica de delimitar la complejidad de las relaciones que existen en regiones como el Oriente Medio, África y Sudamérica, los estudiantes se familiarizan con los principales modelos teóricos que influyen en las relaciones internacionales y examinan una serie de estudios de casos, guiados por expertos en la materia. Al final del curso los estudiantes organizan su propia cumbre acerca de un problema importante de actualidad.

Taking full advantage of Barcelona, and using innovative and interactive teaching methods, this course offers a review of tenses and structures, as well as vocabulary-building exercises with a strong focus on conversational proficiency. Language learning is approached through a variety of activities, such as storytelling and role playing, and short thematic units that integrate museums and cultural sites, and bring students into contact with local native speakers. Students work on pronunciation, intonation, and public speaking. They are evaluated on the first day and placed in a group with others of a similar level.