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Student Life

Student Life

Students enjoy a walk to in Barcelona with Oxbridge Academic Programs

For more than 35 years, Oxbridge Academic Programs has provided comprehensive support to students and their families as they prepare for and participate in academic programs on leading college campuses in some of the world’s greatest cultural centers. The health and safety of program participants is at the core of everything we do—as such, we have created a virtual offering for families who want to prepare their student for the future but are not yet comfortable with the idea of travel to a college campus.

The Oxbridge Online Academy allows participants to attend university-level classes and network with similarly motivated peers from the comfort and safety of home. The academic rigor of an in-person Oxbridge program remains, as does the faculty support—students may attend office hours and consult the daily recap if they are confused or have questions. Additionally, they will work in groups for some of each course, allowing them to learn from and about one another.

A Day in the Life of the Oxbridge Online Academy

  • One live lecture each day of the course, guiding students through the content (1-2 hours daily)
  • Follow-up student-led project work (2-4 hours daily)
  • One live seminar each day to discuss and debate key course topics (1 hour daily)
  • Live daily office hours and a daily recap to support remote learning (1-2 hours daily)

Additionally, each week, students will network with peers for critical academic and social support (2 hours weekly).