stunning view of a summer in France during our academic summer program

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Parent Info - Oxbridge in Montpellier

students gathered for a lecture from program founder, jim basker


Students can fly directly to Montpellier or, if they wish, come via Paris. Students who come via Paris are met at Charles de Gaulle upon arrival and escorted to their Montpellier flight. A member of Oxbridge staff accompanies them on the flight. At the end of the program, they are accompanied back to Paris, where we oversee the transfer to their next flight. An Oxbridge representative also stays at the airport until every flight has departed to ensure all students safety at the start of our academic summer program.


The Lycée lies in an extremely calm and quiet neighborhood. Access is strictly controlled and there is twenty-four hour security. Day-to-day life is overseen by teams of Deans - professional educators drawn from leading schools in the US, Canada, and Australia. The residence has a program office, in a central location, which is open and permanently staffed by Deans from before 8am until well past midnight. Every student checks in personally, every evening, with the Deans on duty. The Program Director, Deans, residential staff, and some members of faculty live in the residences, ensuring round-the-clock care and supervision.