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View our program blogs and learn about what life was like on each of our programs from classes, to activities, excursions and more! 


Oxbridge at UCLA

Grades 10 - 12, June 26 - July 23. Oxbridge at University of California, Los Angeles brings Oxbridge to the west coast where students meet with some of the greatest minds of California from Silicon Valley, Hollywood, and beyond.


Grades 9 - 12, June 26 - July 23. Offering diverse course options and a range of university visits in the greater Boston area at the oldest institution of higher learning in the US, click here to see our new program in Boston!


Antonio, Ana y Elena, profesores y coordinadora del programa de inmersión en español, te dan a conocer La Academia de España. ¿Nos vemos este julio en Salamanca?


From October through May we will hold info sessions and visit schools throughout the US, Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia, and South America. If you would like to suggest a visit in your city or school, email us

Discover the World's Greatest Classrooms

Oxbridge Academic Programs has been welcoming intellectually adventurous high school and junior high school students to Summer Study Programs in Europe and the US for over 30 years. Students from over 80 countries are housed and educated in great and historic centers of learning  that are Oxford and Cambridge in England, St. Andrews in Scotland, Barcelona and Salamanca in Spain, Paris and Montpellier in France, and New York City and Los Angeles in the United States while exploring new cultural surroundings.

Our range of courses is unmatched

From Archeology to Zoology, we offer over 160 courses - a dazzling variety of humanities, sciences, social sciences, professional, and creative subjects – transcending traditional classroom limitations and school curricula. Our programs in France and Spain, meanwhile, offer courses in English and courses in French and Spanish for all levels, taught in context by native speakers. 

Our teachers define us

They Comprise Rhodes, Gates, Marshall and Fullbright Scholars, and top academics from local universities, from Oxford, Cambridge, and the Sorbonne, as well as creative professionals and performers -all of them chosen for their qualifications and experience, and especially for their love of teaching and young people.