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Our Faculty comprise Rhodes, Gates, Marshall and Fulbright Scholars, and top academics from local universities, from Oxford, Cambridge, St Andrews, the Sorbonne, Pompeu Fabra, Harvard, Columbia, and other top institutions, as well as creative professionals and performers – all of them chosen for their qualifications and experience, and especially for their love of teaching young people. You can read all of their biographies on this page.

The Oxford Tradition

  • BSc - University of York - Mathematics & Physics, MSc - University College London - Biomedical Engineering & Medical Imaging

  • BA Swarthmore College, MPhil University of Oxford

    Caroline is conducting doctoral research at the University of Oxford, where she specializes in the poetics of Old English, Old Norse, and Medieval German. She has worked for the Oxford Medieval Society and The Bodleian Library, and has interned at NPR. In 2014, she was awarded a prestigious Keasbey Scholarship.

  • BA Rhodes University, MPhil University of Cambridge, MPhil University of Oxford

The Oxford Prep Experience

  • PhD from United Arab Emirates University, MSc from Jordan University, BSc from Applied Science University

    Nadia is a Senior Postdoctoral Fellow in the Radcliffe Department of Medicine at the University of Oxford. She previously held a research post in the Department of Human Genetics at the Welcome Trust Sanger Institute, where she worked on the Deciphering Developmental Disorders project. Nadia completed her PhD in 2013 in the field of Clinical Genetics.

  • BS City University of New York, MFA University of Leeds

    Andrea Artz has a photography studio in London. Her clients include British Airways High Life, The New Yorker, Time, Siemens, Bombardier, Deutsche Bank, Die Zeit, Lufthansa, and Spiegel, for whom she shoots portraits, travel stories, reportages, and photographic essays. Andrea’s personal projects are influenced by her graduate background in Fine Art, and have been exhibited at The Royal Academy in London, the Charles Dickens Museum, and the Kunsthaus Hamburg, among many others.

  • BA Sofia University St Kliment Ohridski, MJur, MPhil, University of Oxford

    After graduating from Sofia University, Tsvetelina pursued an MJur at the University of Oxford as a Merton Lawyer’s Scholar. Since then, she has undertaken an MPhil at Oxford on the legality of artificial intelligence in armed combat. Her broader research interests include human rights law and international law.

The Oxford Spring Seminar

The Oxford Summer Seminar: Double Major

The Oxford Summer Seminar: Session I

The Oxford Summer Seminar: Session II

The Cambridge Tradition: Full Program

  • BSc Baghdad University, MSc, Al-Nahrain University College of Medicine. PhD candidate University of Strathclyde

    Ahlam is conducting doctoral research in cell biology at the University of Strathclyde, where he is working to develop new anti-pancreatic cancer drugs. He has particular expertise in nuclear extractions, cell cycles and cultures, and the preparation of recombinant adenoviruses. He was recently invited to present his research at the 18th World Congress of Basic & Clinical Pharmacology in Kyoto.

  • BA - University of Derby - Mathematics , MA - University of Stirling - Big Data

  • BA University of Oxford, BJur University of Cambridge

    Sophie recently graduated from the University of Cambridge, where she won the ECS Wade Prize for Constitutional Law, and the E. M. Burnett Prize for First Class. She has held pupillages at legal firms across London, including 39 Essex Chambers, Brick Court Chambers, Fountain Court Chambers, and Quadrant Chambers. She has also worked as an analyst for Credit Suisse, and has competed with the Canadian National Debate Team across four continents.

  • BA Wesleyan University, MSt Yenching Academy of Peking University. MPhil candidate, University of Cambridge

    Jili is conducting graduate research in African Studies at the University of Cambridge, where she holds the prestigious Standard Bank Derek Cooper Award. In her current project, she is examining South Africa’s post-apartheid strategies for education reform. More generally, her expertise cover current issues in international relations, especially the movements Black Lives Matter and Rhodes Must Fall.

  • BSc Monterrey Institute of Technology, MPhil University of Cambridge

    Eddie is conducting graduate research at the University of Cambridge, where he holds a prestigious Gates Scholarship. His current projects are tied up with the Immune Genomics Group at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, which is partnered with GlaxoSmithKline and Biogen. He is an expert in genomics and DNA, and in the use of data analysis and mathematical simulations in the life sciences.

  • BA St Mary’s University College, MSc Kingston University, PhD King’s College, London

    Dr. Clarke is a leading expert in Naval Warfare. His research interests focus on international power projection, international relations, amphibious operations and expeditionary warfare, carrier operations and the development of naval aviation, and the evolution and development of unmanned systems, including equipment design and procurement. He is widely-published, and has written for The Telegraph and Global Maritime History.

  • BA Royal Holloway, University of London, MA Stellenbosch University, MPhil University of Cambridge

    Harry is an expert in international relations and in African studies. His most recent research project explored themes in post-apartheid South Africa’s foreign policy, and the role the military played in it. Outside academia, he has worked at Australia House in London, and remotely in the UK on behalf of the British Chamber of Commerce in Southern Africa.

  • BSc, MSc Shiraz University, PhD University of Birmingham

    Dr. Dariush is a research associate at the University of Cambridge, where he specializes in medical and astronomical image processing and data analyses. His current project is being conducted in collaboration with Cancer Research UK and Addenbroke’s Hospital, where he is developing software to improve imaging data related to cancer research. In the past he has worked as a research associate in the Herschel-SPIRE Instrument Team, and at Cardiff University and Imperial College London.

  • BA New York University, MSc Erasmus University Rotterdam, MSc London School of Economics

    Poorvi is an expert in economics and business, and in social research methods. Her recent academic projects have focused on the fundamentals of social research design and applied regression analysis. In the past she has worked as an analyst for ETH Zürich, where she conducted a large-scale systematic review of risk preferences in Europe, as well as a literature review of risk preference elicitation methods in the agricultural sector.

  • BA Carleton University, MPhil University of Cambridge, PhD University of Cambridge

    Dr. Jerath is a specialist on the use of force in policing, and on the various individual, environmental, and situational mechanisms involved in police-citizen altercations. She is a decorated scholar, and won both the Wakefield Scholarship and a Cambridge Commonwealth Trust Scholarship while a student at the University of Cambridge. She is currently a senior lecturer in Criminology and Policing at the London Metropolitan University.

  • MD Univerzitet u Beogradu

    Dr. Kapor is a neuroscientist, and currently teaches in the Department of Anatomy in the School of Medicine at the University of Belgrade. He has expertise in the neurobiology of sleep in aging and disease. As a student, he held a prestigious scholarship from Serbia’s Ministry of Education, as well as being awarded a grant from the International Brain Research Organization in 2017. He has trained in the teaching of clinical skills and anatomy at the University of St Andrews. Dr. Kapor has published over a dozen articles in various medical journals.

  • BSc Universidad Politécnica di Madrid, MSc Delft University of Technology

    Alvaro is conducting doctoral research in Astrophysics at the University of Oxford. He is an expert in Aerospace Engineering, and has held internships at IMDEA Materials and at OHB System AG, where he worked on a number of cutting-edge projects in the development of optical instruments for the space sector. He is currently working on the HARMONI project, which involves designing and developing an integral field spectrograph for the European Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT).

  • BSc University of Arizona, MSc Arizona State University, PhD University of Cambridge

    Dr. Morris is a senior-level professional with ten years’ postdoctoral experience across academia and industry. She is particularly interested in promoting innovation in human healthcare, and translating new technologies into biomedical resources. In the past, she has worked for Cambridge Epigenetix, where she managed clinical trial processes and built business strategies around the results.

  • BA, MSc, Bocconi University

    Domenico has special expertise in mathematics and statistics, competition law, and monetary economics. His recent research has focused on real wage convergence in the European Union. Outside of academia, he has trained at the European Central Bank, as well as Deustche Bank. He is currently working on the European Commission.

  • BA University of Magdeburg, Germany, MPhil University of Cambridge. PhD candidate University of Cambridge

    Katrin is conducting doctoral research at the University of Cambridge as a Gates Scholar. She is a specialist in criminology. In her current project, Katrin is conducting an analytic review and empirical study of interview techniques with older adult witnesses. She also has expertise in legal and forensic psychology. She is widely-published, and has written on everything from rhino poaching in South Africa to the impact of circadian rhythm on personal identification performance.

  • Diploma, Acharya Institute of Technology, BTech Mechanical Engineering, Christ University, India; MSc Aerospace Vehicle Design, Cranfield

    Omkar is a specialist in aircraft aerodynamics, the design and analysis of composite structures, and aeroelasticity. Outside of academia, he has worked for Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, where he performed in-flight snag analyses on helicopters, and worked on a project to improve stability in rotor blades. His recent research has focused on reducing drag in composite wing structures.

  • BA (Hons), King's College, London, MA, Goldsmiths College, University of London

    Joe is a published short-story writer, poet, and essayist, and the leader of the Out Of Class workshop group. He is in high demand at various literary events, and has recently read his work at Lit Live! and The Library at Night. In 2016, he was nominated for the Pat Kavanagh Award, one of Goldsmiths’ most prestigious prizes. Joe is bilingual, and has taught and done translation work in Spanish. He is represented by United Agents.

  • PhD University of Bedfordshire

    Sudesh is a senior lecturer in Accounting and Finance at De Montfort University. He has developed a range of programs across the education sector, both nationally and internationally. He has particular expertise in corporate finance, risk management, accounting, and corporate performance. In the past he has taught at the Cambridge Judge Business School, and acted as a Lead Consultant for TDJ Solutions.

  • BA, MA, University of Amsterdam, MA King’s College, London. PhD candidate, University of Cambridge

    Sina is conducting doctoral research at the University of Cambridge. He is an expert in modern European intellectual, social, cultural, and economic history, political cultures and national identities, and migration and global interdependence. He is a decorated scholar, and won the prestigious Royal Institute of Philosophy & Cambridge University Press Philosophy essay prize in 2016.

  • BA, MMath, University of Cambridge. PhD candidate, University of Cambridge

    Jonathan is pursuing doctoral research at the University of Cambridge, where he is engaged in a pioneering attempt to use mathematical modelling and computer simulations in the study of granular gravity currents. He has also worked in the Sainsbury Laboratory in Cambridge. Jonathan is in high demand as a supervisor at the University of Cambridge, and teaches papers including Dynamical Systems, Fluid Dynamics, and Variational Principles to undergraduate students.

The Cambridge Tradition: Session I

The Cambridge Tradition: Session II

  • BSc - Bogazici University - Economics, MSc - London School of Economics - Economics

The Cambridge Prep Experience: Full Program

  • MA - University of St Andrews - Psychology; PGCLT- Cantebury Christ Church - Teaching+ Learning; PHD - University of Liverpool - Applied psychology

  • MA University of Glasgow, MLitt University of St Andrews

  • Bachelors of Technology - Sharda University - Electrical and Electronics Engineering; Masters of Technology - Indian Institute of Technology - Technology and Development; MPhil - University of Cambridge - Engineering for Sustainable Development; Doctor of Philosophy - University of Cambridge - Architecture

  • BSc- Aix-Marseille University- Physiology and Neuroscience; Master- Aix-Marseille University- Neuroscience.

  • Btec Norwich School of Art & Design, BA Central St Martins, MA Royal College of Art

    Amy is a professional artist based in London. Her work has recently been exhibited in London, Bristol, and Lancashire. She is also in demand as a teacher across England’s premiere arts colleges, and has held lectureships at Anglia Ruskin and the Royal College of Art. Her work is interdisciplinary, and embraces textiles, film, live performance, and fine art.

  • BA Union College, MPhil University of Cambridge

    Julia recently completed a graduate degree in Sociology at the University of Cambridge. Prior to entering academia, she worked for the Solutions Journalism Network, the Center for an Urban Future, and the US State Department as a Fulbright Teaching Fellow. Julia continues to work for the Huffington Post, writing articles on climate change, artificial intelligence, global pandemics, nuclear proliferation, and other risks threatening future generations.

  • BA University of the Arts London, MA Goldsmiths, University of London

    David Kendall’s photography and research explore how spatial, economic, and design initiatives, as well as participatory practices, combine to encourage social and spatial interconnections or dissonance in cities. David’s photographs, spatial research, and collaborative projects have featured in exhibitions, festivals, conferences, and symposia at museums and academic institutions around the world. David is a visiting research fellow within the Centre for Urban and Community Research, at Goldsmiths, University of London.

  • BSc - University of Arkansas - Mechanical Engineering; MSc- Cranfield University- Computational and Software Techniques in Engineering

  • BBA - University of South Carolina - International Business ; Master of International Business - University of South Carolina - International Busines

  • PhD, University of Cambridge

    Dr. Olamaie is a Research Associate at the Battcock Centre for Experimental Astrophysics in the University of Cambridge’s famous Cavendish Laboratory, and at Imperial College London’s Centre for Inference and Cosmology. Her principal research interests are the analysis of large data sets, mathematical modelling, and the analysis of X-ray observations of galaxy clusters. Dr. Olamaie is widely-published, and has contributed to over fifty articles in academic journals.

  • BA- Anglia Ruskin University - Criminology; MPhil - University of Cambridge - Criminology Research; PHD - University of Cambridge - Criminology Research

  • MEng Loughborough University. PhD candidate, University of Cambridge

    Kristian is conducting doctoral research in Engineering at the University of Cambridge, where he holds the prestigious Churchill College Pochobradsky Studentship. He has expertise in mechanical engineering, robotics, mechatronics, and a number of coding languages, including MATLAB, C++, and Python. In his current project, he is making mathematical models of the human heart, designed to help physicians in their assessment of the heart’s functions. Kristian is in high demand as a supervisor at the University of Cambridge, and teaches undergraduates at five different Colleges.

  • BSc Ludwig Maximilian University, MASt University of Cambridge

    Tobias is conducting graduate studies in Physics at the University of Cambridge. Outside of academia, he has worked on the construction of wind tunnels for Volkswagen, and on oscilloscopes for Rohde & Schwarz.

  • BA University of Pennsylvania, BSc Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania

  • BS - University of Rochester - Optical Engineering

  • A.B - Princeton University - Molecular Biology

  • BA - Goldsmith University - English & Creative Writing; MA - Goldsmith University - Creative Writing

  • BSc- University of Chichester - Psychology; MSc - London School of Economics - Gender

  • LLB University of Chile, LLM University of Cambridge

    Paz is a specialist in Public International Law, international investment law, and maritime boundaries. She has considerable experience in proceedings before the International Court of Justice, and has contributed to cases across South America as an associate to companies including Matrix Chambers, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer, and Foley Hoag. Paz is also an experienced academic, and has taught at the University of Oxford, and written for Huffington Post.

The Cambridge Prep Experience: Session I

  • BA - University of Chicago - Interdisciplinary Humanities; MP - University of Cambridge - American Literature

  • BA Hons, Media Design (LCC, University of the Arts); MA, Photography & Urban Cultures (Goldsmiths, University of London)

  • BSC- University of Portharcourt - Anatomy; MSC - University of Portharcourt - Anatomy; PHD - University of Nottingham - Preclinical Oncology

The Cambridge Prep Experience: Session II

  • BSc- Aix-Marseille University- Human Biology and Biotechnologies; MSc- Aix-Marseille University- Neuroscience; Doctorate in progress - Aix-Marseille University- Neuroscience

Oxbridge in Barcelona

Oxbridge in Salamanca

Oxbridge in Paris

Oxbridge in Montpellier

Oxbridge in New York

Oxbridge Seminar in New York

Oxbridge in Boston: Full Program

Oxbridge in Boston: Session I

Oxbridge in Boston: Session II

Oxbridge at UCLA

  • BA from University of New Orleans in Communications, MFA from USC in Film Production

  • BA University of New Orleans, MFA USC School of Cinematic Arts

    David worked as a guest lecturer at USC’s school of cinematic arts for film production and editing classes. He is both a photographer and a cinematographer with expertise in post-production software such as Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere Pro, and Avid.

  • BA Kennesaw State University, MFA Carnegie Mellon University

    Brian is a playwright and director for theater productions. He has helped produce and develop over 10 productions across the United States. He has experience teaching college-level playwriting and theater study classes.

  • BA from UPenn in Psychology, MA from UCLA in Psychology, PhD Candidate

  • BA - Azusa Pacific University- Theatre Arts; Post-Graduate Certificate - UCLA Extension - TV Writing.

  • B. S - University of New Mexico - Athletic Training; M. S - Florida International University - Sports Management.

  • BS - Boston University - Communications; MA - Pacific Oaks College - Human Development.

  • BFA Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University; C from Shakespeare's Globe Theater

  • BFA - New York University - Film/TV Production; MFA - Columbia University - Screenwriting.

  • M.S. Applied Finance, Pepperdine Graziazdio School of Business.

  • BA Georgia State University, MA University of Southern California, PhD University of Southern California

    Dr. Storla's research has ranged from gender ideologies, women’s issues, to pedagogy, and gaming. She has taught both introductory and advanced communication classes and has received an award for Excellence in Teaching from USC. She has spoken at the National Communication Association Convention and the Rhetoric Society of America Conference.

  • B.A - Universidad de Navarra - Media Studies; M.A - Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona - Creative Documentary; M.F.A - California Institute of the Arts - Film Directing.

  • MFA from UCLA in Film/TV Production, BS from Arizona State in Marketing

Oxbridge at UCLA Prep

  • BA from Kennesaw State in English, MFA from Carnegie Mellon in Dramatic Writing

  • BA - University of California Riverside - Printmaking; MFA - Claremont Graduate University- Photography

  • BA - Vienna University of Economics - International Business Administration; MSc - University of London Birkbeck - Management Consultancy and Organization Change; PHD - University of California, LA - Cognitive Psychology

  • M.A - Paris IV Sorbonne - English/ Italian ; M.A - School of Advanced Studies in Social Sciences - EHESS; M.S - Paris X Nanterre - Kinesiology; PHD - Paris West Nanterre; PhD - Paris Ouest Nanterre Universit - Kinesiology and Sport Cultures.

  • BA from University of Utah in English, BS from University of Utah in Environmental Studies