Oxbridge students sit for lecture during Oxbridge in Boston


Students attending Oxbridge in Boston choose one subject per the two-week session(s) into which they enroll. They attend classes six mornings and three afternoons a week. Our courses are taught by faculty from universities such as MIT, Boston University, andTufts University and aim to give students a taste of the Cambridge quality education enjoyed by the likes of Barack Obama, Mark Zuckerberg, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and John F. Kennedy.

Government And Politics

How are governments created, and what happens when they collapse? How does the spread of democracy impact economic growth, security, and welfare? Are there alternatives to democracy besides tyranny? In their attempts to answer such questions, students consider everything from different political models to the role of individuals via spin-doctoring, party politics, and the influence of mass media.

International Law

How does the law shape relationships between nations? And how does it govern relations between non-state actors? Students address Public and Private International Law, and consider how International Law affects business, Human Rights, the prosecution of international crimes, sovereignty, trade, and war. The course culminates in a moot war crimes trial.


Students are introduced to the principles of neuropsychology and the role that specific brain regions play in producing behavior. They cover a wide range of topics - from the history of neuropsychology, assessment, and neuroanatomy, to clinical disorders - using cases as illustration. Students acquire knowledge of the measurement of human behavior and how the brain is responsible for sensory, motor, and cognitive functions, such as attention, language, memory, and emotion.

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