Our faculty is comprised of Rhodes, Gates, Marshall, and Fulbright scholars; top academics from local universities and acclaimed institutions such as Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, and Columbia; and creative professionals and performers. Each has been chosen for their qualifications and experience, and especially for their love of teaching young people.

David Beier

BA from University of New Orleans in Communications, MFA from University of Southern California in Film Production

David has been working in photography and film for over a decade. He has shot promotional photography for Beats by Dre, Gibson Guitar, KRK, JLL, as well as portraits and event photography. As a filmmaker, he has been producing, directing, and shooting content for years including commercials, music videos, shorts, and web series. Recently, a feature he co-directed called "Don Quixote: The Ingenious Gentleman of La Mancha" was released on Netflix. David has an expertise in new types of story telling including Virtual Reality, 360 photography, and other forms of new media.

Brian Forrester

BA Kennesaw State University, MFA Carnegie Mellon University

Brian is a Los Angeles-based playwright and director for theater productions. He teaches college-level playwriting and theater study courses, and has helped produce and develop over 10 productions across the United States.

Saskia Giebl

PhD Candidate in Cognitive Psychology, University of California, Los Angeles, MS in Management Consultancy, University of London, UK.

Saskia is interested in cognitive processes that enhance long-term learning. Specifically, she focuses on types of practice that promote effective activities and conditions for long-term learning to occur. In addition, Saskia is interested in understanding the nature and function of inhibitory processes of human memory - how inhibition helps shape what we remember and forget from the past and what we imagine in our future.

Dr. Kari Storla

BA Georgia State University, MA, PhD University of Southern California

Dr. Storla is a winner of the Excellence in Teaching Award, from the University of Southern California. She conducts research in gender ideologies, women’s issues, pedagogy, and gaming. Dr. Storla has been a speaker at the National Communication Association Convention and the Rhetoric Society of America Conference. She teaches both introductory and advanced communication classes at the undergraduate and graduate levels.