Oxbridge students with camera filming scene for film course in UCLA


Our Oxbridge at UCLA Prep students have six courses to choose from; Augmented Reality and Game Design; Creative Writing; Photography, Design, and New Media; Psychology; Speech and Debate; and Technology and Society. Students choose a Major, which they study five mornings a week, and a Workshop, which is taken three afternoons a week. Each class is taught by an esteemed professor or industry professional, while the vibrant Los Angeles location provides real-life context to the learning.

Augmented Reality and Game Design

Students will design and make their own Artificial Reality game in Unity3D game engine, giving them the opportunity to learn skills such as game design, C# programming, and animation. They will learn game design fundamentals which they’ll put into practice in their own virtual world, complete with complex models, props, and mechanics. By participating in this course, students train their logic and design skills, and innovative thinking capabilities. After learning about scripts and tools for special effects and AR implementation, students will receive a copy of the game, along with their original designs, so that they can continue creating long after the course has finished.

Creative Writing

“We tell ourselves stories in order to live.” Students learn to tell stories by rendering their experiences, observations, and ideas into words. They learn the fundamentals of creative writing and read and write pieces of fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry. They participate in workshops, which are an integral component of any college-level creative writing class. The course culminates in a reading at the program final show, as well as the production of a digital literary journal.

Photography, Design, and New Media

This course is an introduction to photography in which students learn to use their camera's manual shutter speed, aperture, and ISO settings to control exposure and effects. They learn composition and lighting, and experiment with angle, framing, lens choice, and exposure. They edit their work in Photoshop, learn about the different new media platforms changing the way we see the world, present their work, and master giving and receiving criticism. Using LA as their backdrop, students practice different styles of photography. Finally, each student curates a selection of photographs to exhibit in a final show. Students need to bring their own DSLR camera with USB cable, charger, manual, and at least one 8GB memory card.

Speech and Debate

From elocution to forming a convincing argument, this course provides students with a practical and diverse range of public speaking skills. Classwork also focuses on preparing and presenting regular debates on a variety of controversial topics related to Los Angeles and the United States. The course culminates in a formal debate judged by a panel.

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