Oxbridge at UCLA Prep

Grades 7-8

University of California, Los Angeles

July 5 - July 25, 2020

Tuition: $6,450

Oxbridge at UCLA Prep is our summer program designed to give younger students a taste of the Oxbridge experience while introducing them to one of the greatest university campuses and cities in the world. 

Over the course of three weeks students live on campus at the University of California, Los Angeles, in the Sproul Landing/Cove residence halls, while studying a Major six mornings a week and taking part in a Workshop three afternoons a week. We offer a variety of courses such as Augmented Reality and Game Design, Photography, Design, and New Media, and Creative Writing. During their time in Los Angeles, students take full advantage of a wide range of activities on campus: swimming, sports, games, movie nights. Off-campus, they take in beach trips, expert-led museum tours, and field trips to Disneyland and Universal Studios. 

Oxbridge at UCLA is a great opportunity for younger students to start thinking about their college futures while having an unforgettable summer in Los Angeles.

To reap the benefits of a summer program at UCLA, apply now!

About Los Angeles

Often called the" City of Angels," Los Angeles is also nicknamed the "Creative Capital of the World" because there are more actors, filmmakers, musicians, dancers, writers, and artists living and working in L.A. than anywhere else on earth at any time in history. The city hosts numerous entertainment award shows like the Academy Awards and Grammys, and its iconic Hollywood neighborhood is the epicenter of the film and television industries. Our program allows students to experience this unique energy while they study at UCLA, a campus of the renowned University of California system situated near the stunning Santa Monica Pier.

Program Blog

7 Top Benefits Of Study Abroad Programs

Wouldn’t it be nice to study Screenwriting in star-studded Hollywood? Maybe learn Art History while exploring the Palace of Versailles or even Fashion Design in beautiful Barcelona? Study abroad programs allow you to do just this! Study programs are life-changing adventures that give students the opportunity to progress on their academic journeys while immersing themselves in the sights and sounds of a new country. 

Need more convincing? Here are Oxbridge’s 7 top benefits of study abroad programs:

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“I chose Law which was a subject that I am very interested in but had never gotten the opportunity to study. In the class, our opinions and intellectual abilities were stretched, and new thoughts and ideas were explored.”

Abeer A – Student at the Oxford program

“Fashion is my passion. I wanted to pursue it in more depth, and what better place to do so than New York. I loved this program! It has truly been a once in a lifetime experience.”

Andreana D. – 2019

“My French teacher recommended the program when I told her I wanted to be fluent. I loved being in Montpellier, I made amazing friends, the staff was awesome, and I loved the dorms. I loved the program. It exceeded my expectations and they were high.”

Victoria R. – 2019

“It inspired very engaging thought the whole time I was here; all of the staff were kind and knowledgeable about Barcelona. I wish I had more time with my new friends and the city.”

Jeremiah J. – 2019