Student Activities

Students making friends during their study abroad program with Oxbridge

Our extracurricular student activities at The Oxford Tradition maintain a healthy balance between study and leisure, allowing students to relax and unwind while continuing to immerse themselves in their new home.

In their free time, students explore Oxford, taking in sights such as the castle, Christ Church College, and the world famous Bodleian Library. Students attend plays and sample the plethora of exotic, edible offerings served up at the famous Covered Market.

Additionally, there is a full sports program during which, if they wish, students can participate in English sports such as punting, cricket, and rugby.

Every college is both a chapter in the University's story and a glimpse into centuries of intellectual endeavor and academic tradition. From discovering Oxford's Pitt Rivers Museum to following in C.S. Lewis footsteps, students have almost unlimited opportunities to be out and about. One might find them browsing Blackwells' antiquarian bookshop, visiting an exhibition at the famous Ashmolean Museum, watching a play outside Oxford's Norman castle, picnicking in the University Parks, or simply watching the world go by in a local café.