7 Top Benefits Of Study Abroad Programs | Oxbridge

7 Top Benefits Of Study Abroad Programs | Oxbridge

Posted on December 19, 2019 by Oxbridge Academic Programs

Wouldn’t it be nice to study Screenwriting in star-studded Hollywood? Maybe learn Art History while exploring the Palace of Versailles or even Fashion Design in beautiful Barcelona? Study abroad programs allow you to do just this! Study programs are life-changing adventures that give students the opportunity to progress on their academic journeys while immersing themselves in the sights and sounds of a new country. 

Need more convincing? Here are Oxbridge’s 7 top benefits of study abroad programs:

  1. You’ll get an edge on your education

    Study abroad programs offer a unique educational experience, one that is completely different from regular schooling. Firstly, you’ll likely study subjects that are not available in most middle or high schools. For example, our Oxford Tradition program offers innovative courses like International Relations, Molecular Medicine, and Neuropsychology – we bet you can’t find these in your school’s curriculum! Secondly, many study abroad programs give students a real-life context to their learning. Analyzing Shakespeare takes on a whole new resonance when you get to see Macbeth at the Globe Theatre, and improving your French is made easier when you can attend the opera in Montpellier.

  2. You’ll become a globetrotter

    Whether it’s for one week or one year, your study abroad program will give you the opportunity to travel to a new corner of the world and experience all its culture has to offer. Many people dream of sampling delicate macarons in Paris, cheering wildly at a soccer game in England, or riding the subway in New York City; study abroad programs can make these dreams become realities!

  3. You’ll make friends for life

    Study abroad programs are a fantastic way to meet like-minded people from around the world. Every student on your program will be there because they are passionate about the subject and the location, and these shared interests are the perfect foundation for a life-long friendship.

  4. Your teachers will be world-class

    On a study abroad program, you’ll be exposed to faculty who come from different backgrounds to those you’ve encountered before. They’ll likely have a different teaching style, will be able to tell you about the education system in their country, and could even become a long-term mentor.

  5. You’ll become a stronger person

    Many students will not have travelled without their families before embarking on a study abroad program which can make the experience a transformative one. While it can be scary to hop on a plane to a foreign land and study in a completely different way, this challenge helps build independence and confidence. On a study abroad program, you’ll be encouraged to step out of your comfort zone to make new friends, order food at a restaurant in a foreign language, and navigate the city streets. Before you know it, you’ll be a far more mature version of yourself.

  6. You could improve your language skills

    Many study abroad programs allow you to strengthen your grasp of a foreign language or even achieve fluency. For example, while our Oxbridge in Barcelona program offers most courses in English, students can choose certain classes in Spanish and will speak the language as they explore the city. For those looking for an immersion experience, our Oxbridge in Salamanca program requires students to take a language pledge and speak entirely in Spanish for the duration of the program. We can’t think of a better path to fluency!

  7. It’ll help you become college ready

    Did you know study abroad programs can be advantageous when thinking about college? Not only will you have experience living and studying away from home, but the culture learned and character developed can be a fantastic way to stand out from the crowd when applying to institutes.

    Colleges receive thousands of applications each year and being able to highlight the educational, cultural and character experiences you had while on a study abroad programs will be an asset when it comes to the completing the personal essay component of your application.

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