A small number of teacher fellowships are available for each Teacher Seminar. These are based on professional accomplishment and the ability to contribute to the Seminar in the broadest sense. Once applicants have decided on a particular Teacher Seminar, they should contact us as soon as possible. For information about our teacher fellowships please contact the New York office on +1 212-932-3049 or email at info@oxbridgeprograms.com.

Details: Outstanding Teacher Fellowships and Career Teacher Fellowships

All teacher fellowship applications must be received complete in New York by March 6, 2020.

We are also pleased to support applications from school-based professional development funds and to help candidates who are applying for alternative sources of funding, including school-based faculty development grants and fellowships. Please contact the New York office with details of the funding source to which you are applying and let us know what information we can provide.

Learn more about Oxbridge Teacher Seminars by viewing our online brochure. Find our Application form here.