Oxbridge Summer Programs in New York

Build your own unique summer experience

Oxbridge Academic Programs offers summer programs to adventurous students in grades 9-12. We are based in some of the world's best universities, including Barnard College, Columbia University, a historically and academically significant area in New York. Students can choose two subjects - a major and a minor - from a diverse range of subjects. Outside of classroom, there are a huge number of elective extra-curricular activities, as well as guest speakers, workshops, and field-trips.

Wherever you go with us, you can build your own unique summer experience.

About Oxbridge

Our courses transform cities into classrooms, taking full advantage of the local museums, historical sites and local experts available, for true experiential learning. You will get a full pre-college experience by living in the same spaces as undergraduates during the year. During your free time, you can explore a new city and make friends with peers from across the world. Whether your dream is to study Medicine at Oxford, experience language immersion for French or Spanish, or make a film in Los Angeles, we have a program for you!

Choose an Oxbridge program in New York

Oxbridge in New York

Barnard College, Columbia University
Grades 9-12
June 27 – July 24, 2022

Discover the world-famous Big Apple. Held on the Barnard campus at Columbia University, students choose two subjects from a wide range that includes Finance, Medical Science, Musical Theater, and more...

Oxbridge Seminar in New York

Barnard College, Columbia University
Grades 9-12

A condensed version of the 4 week program, students choose one Major subject to explore each morning, and participate in a different workshop each afternoon. They reside at Barnard College, visit the sights, and discover Columbia and New York University, and hear from experts on the college application process and interview best...