Salamanca, Spain building architecture hosting summer abroad program


Faculty - Oxbridge in Salamanca

Our faculty is comprised of Rhodes, Gates, Marshall, and Fulbright scholars; top academics from local universities and acclaimed institutions such as Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, and Columbia; and creative professionals and performers. Each has been chosen for their qualifications and experience, and especially for their love of teaching young people.

Ana del Arco Ballesteros
Arte/Bellas Artes

BA, MA Universidad de Salamanca

Ana del Arco is a professional artist. She works in several different types of media, but her specialty is sculpture. She regularly lectures at the University in Salamanca and teaches her students about working in the world famous sandstone and granite, which is characteristic of the unique architecture in the city.

Dr. Francisco Javier Rubio Munoz
Culturas Hispanicas

BA, MA, PhD Universidad de Salamanca

Dr. Munoz is a researcher and instructor at the University of Salamanca, where he is based in the Department of Medieval, Modern, and Contemporary History. His current project is in comparative history, focusing on Spanish and Ibero-American Universities during the Golden Age. Dr. Munoz is a member of the prestigious “Alfonso IX,” a research group at the Medieval and Renaissance Studies Institute in Salamanca.

Dr. Luis Melian Rodriguez
Estudios Globales

BA, MA, PhD University of Salamanca

Dr. Rodriguez has given courses in political science at the University of Salamanca. His research focuses on the Arab world: democracy, political change, and investigating the unique cases of Tunisia, Egypt, and Jordan during and after the Arab Spring.

Carmen Paula Garcia Navarro
Perfeccionamiento de la Lengua

MA Universidad de Salamanca

Carmen researches and lectures regularly on the history of comedy, comic books, and graphic novels. She originally hails from Alicante but has been teaching Spanish language in Salamanca since 2014.