Oxbridge student studying medicine at Oxford, inspecting human skeleton


Students choose one major from 12 academic and creative courses offered at Oxford. Each of our spring courses at Oxford consume up to three and a half hours of material each morning. Our most popular spring seminar courses include Critical Thinking, International Relations, and Medicine. Each course presents rigorous material while encouraging experiential learning through activities, presentations, and interactive projects.

Creative Writing

Taking inspiration from the quirky history of Oxford, students seek to master different genres of literature. They experiment with comedy, drama, horror, realism, satire, and tragedy, as well as memoirs and poetry. They also tackle technical principles like characterization, dialogue, and narrative structure. One day is dedicated to the machinations of publication. Topics include copy-editing and manuscript preparation in different media. Students leave Oxford with a budding corpus of work.


Our high school students learn the core principles of genetics during their course in Oxford, and come to understand the main methods used in genetic research. Topics include the function and structure of the DNA molecule; Mendelian principles of inheritance; chromosome behavior, and the identification and classification of genetic mutation; as well as the latest advances in genetic research, such as the Human Genome Project and genetic engineering.


To what extent are politicians able to change contemporary society? What goals and methodologies, if any, do politicians around the world have in common? And how can the social sciences be used to explain electoral outcomes? Oxbridge students explore all of these questions while learning the fundamentals of 21st-century politics. Students also analyze contrasting political systems, domestic policies, international relations, and political philosophy during the program.


Led by researchers engaged in cutting-edge work in experimental psychology, students address a different topic within the field of psychology each day. These include introductions to mental processes and problem solving, Evolutionary Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Behaviorism, and Psychoanalysis. In addition to surveying various fields, students learn how research projects are developed and how experiments are undertaken during their summer psychology course at Oxford.

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