Oxbridge Summer Programs in Oxford

Build your own unique summer experience

Oxbridge Academic Programs has been offering summer programs in England to adventurous students in grades 8-12 for over 30 years. We host our programs in Pembroke College and Corpus Christi College, respectively. Students choose two subjects—a Major and a Minor—from our diverse range of courses. Beyond the classroom, students can choose from a wide array of elective extra-curricular activities, as well as guest speakers, workshops, and field trips.

Wherever you go with us, you can build your own unique summer experience.

About Oxbridge

Our courses transform cities into classrooms, taking full advantage of the local museums, historical sites and local experts, for true experiential learning. You will get a full pre-college experience by living in the same spaces as undergraduates during the year. During your free time, you can explore a new city and make friends with peers from across the world. Whether your dream is to study Medicine at Oxford, experience language immersion in France or Spain, or learn about Business in New York, we have a program for you!

Choose an Oxbridge program in Oxford

The Oxford Tradition

Pembroke College,
University of Oxford
Grades 10-12
Full program: July 3 – July 30, 2022

The program we started in 1985 remains our flagship today. OxTrad students live in the same colleges as undergraduates during the year, and work with leading academics, including Rhodes Scholars and University lecturers...

The Oxford Prep Experience

Corpus Christi College
University of Oxford
Grades 8-9
July 2 – July 28, 2022

The Oxford Prep Experience offers all the discovery and learning of the Tradition program to students in grades 8 and 9. Participants unlock the history and culture of Oxford from their base in Corpus Christi College...

The Oxford Summer Seminars

Corpus Christi College, University of Oxford
Grades 10-12
Session I: July 30 – August 6, 2022 | 1 week - 7 nights
Session II: August 6 – August 13, 2022 | 1 week - 7 nights
Combined Session: July 30 – August 13, 2022 | 2 weeks - 14 nights

These twin seminars are condensed versions of our 4-week Tradition program. Participants experience life inside the University of Oxford at the height of summer for either one or two weeks...