Oxbridge students celebrate academic success with an outing to the green pastures of Oxford

Oxbridge Students' Academic Success

Where are our Oxbridge students now?

Oxbridge Academic Programs delivers immersive and superior educational experiences that help guide students toward extraordinary academic success. 

Oxbridge students share their academic success stories while outdoors on campus grounds

We regularly reach out to our alumni to update us on their academic progress. Here are the results of the most recent survey, listing the top colleges and universities that our graduates have gone on to attend. 

Students interacting with professor during academic summer course

Students who participate in a summer program with Oxbridge are driven to achieve academic success; to gain, or hone, critical life skills; and to increase their odds of being accepted to leading universities. 

Transformative, innovative, culturally-rich, challenging, and engaging, our programs deliver the “success factor” and often create lifelong friendships and experiences across countries and continents.