Student Life

Each day is a balance of classes, activities, and free time, guided by the principle that students always have something interesting to do. At various points in the day, they can choose to join a field trip or activity, play sports, or use free time for independent study, relaxation, or adventure.

Staff are available onsite to provide a variety of activities outside of class time and residential faculty are available at all times when required. Students are free to explore the college and surrounding town in small groups without adult supervision during the day, but staff are available at all times to accompany student groups and help ensure that the cities are welcoming, safe, and accessible. 


In Oxford, Cambridge, St Andrews, Barcelona, Salamanca, New York, Los Angeles, and Boston, students live in rooms that, during the year, are occupied by undergraduates. In Paris and Montpellier students live in centrally-located boarding schools. They reside either in singles, doubles, or, in a handful of instances, triples. In Oxford and Cambridge, students can request a private bathroom, for a fee, on the application form, on a first-come, first-serve basis. In Barcelona and Salamanca, all the rooms have private bathrooms. In France, St Andrews, and the US, the rooms are dorm-style and have shared facilities. Each room is furnished with a bed and linens, a dresser or wardrobe, and a desk and chair.


Students enjoy breakfast and dinner in the residence dining halls. Breakfast is primarily continental-style with choices such as cereal, yogurt, fruit, toast, coffee, and tea. Several options are always available at dinner, including a vegetarian dish and a salad bar. Occasional special dinners and barbeques are held, and each program ends with a formal banquet. Students are responsible for their own lunch, which can be purchased for a reasonable price at a college snack bar or at any of the many sandwich shops, small restaurants, crêperies, patisseries, and boquerias near each residence.


Students have access to common areas within and without the buildings as well as, depending on the residence, a variety of sporting and educational facilities (gyms, basketball courts, tennis courts, soccer pitches, libraries, and so on). All the residences have public telephones, and Oxbridge provides every program with enough computers, with internet, for students to have sustained daily access to their email and Facebook accounts. The program staff maintains message boards and distributes mail every day.