A small number of scholarships are available, based equally on financial need and the student’s ability to contribute to the program in the broadest sense. The standard online application should not be used if you are applying for a scholarship. Please only use the Scholarship Application provided below. Scholarship Applications and all supporting documentation must be mailed to our address, not faxed or emailed.  

Read our Scholarship FAQs to see if you are eligible to apply, and for more details about the application process and specific requirements for each scholarship, as well a list of which programs the scholarships are available on, consult the following application. 

Scholarship Application 2017  

- Scholarship Frequently Asked Questions 

The Scholarship Application includes a reference document outlining alternate ways of funding our programs. Please ensure that you send your application early enough to allow time for delivery. Applications received after the specified date cannot be accepted regardless of postmark date. If you have further questions about this or other scholarship matters, please do not hesitate to contact us at