International Education Forum

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Many students study with Oxbridge Academic Programs with the intention of one day attending university abroad. Others become interested in the possibility while in one of our programs. 

To help our students better understand the opportunities that exist for international study at the undergraduate and graduate levels – whether for a semester, a year, or for a full degree program – all participants are invited to attend a series of panels, workshops, and guest presentations about choosing universities and colleges in Europe, selecting a degree course and applying to study, the interview process, and the experience of living and studying at university. 

With our programs in the UK, admissions representatives from different institutions attend, including staff from Cambridge and Oxford Universities; Rhodes and Gates Scholars discuss graduate life and how to win scholarships and fellowships supporting university study abroad; and local undergraduates demystify the application and interview process. Students learn a great deal about the world of opportunity awaiting them at the undergraduate level and beyond in Cambridge, Oxford, and elsewhere.