Field Trips

Over the course of the month students enjoy a few day-long field trips. Students benefit from a combination of guided visits, free time to explore, and unique classes crafted by their Major teacher to take advantage of each location. Below are some of the field trips our students in Oxford enjoy.

Oxford Tradition Broughton Castle

Broughton Castle

Located in the Cotswolds, this castle has stood since the 14th century, remaining in the same family since it was first built. Students are introduced to this magnificent castle and its grounds on a private tour with Lord Saye and Sele himself, who explains the long history of his ancestral home.


Oxford Tradition day trip to London

The capital of the United Kingdom, the seat of Parliament, and the home of the Royal Family, London is truly one of the greatest cities in the world. It offers students unforgettable sights and experiences. Each Major class teacher crafts a unique visit for their students, a sampling of London that features sites of curricular relevance.