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Our academic faculty is specially chosen from teachers and researchers in some of the world’s leading universities. In 2017 our teaching staff in Oxford and Cambridge alone consisted of more than 36 Rhodes, Gates, Marshall, and Fulbright Scholars, making Oxbridge one of the biggest employers of Rhodes Scholars in the world. 

Our creative and workshop courses, meanwhile, are taught by fully-fledged professionals – acclaimed writers and poets, filmmakers, photographers, and actors – all selected for their talent, their varied experiences in their disciplines, their enthusiasm, and above all their ability to inspire our students.

Led by these outstanding individuals, whose work is thoroughly evaluated after every summer, and operating in small, seminar-style classes, our courses immerse students in subjects about which they are passionate while helping them uncover the spectacular sites and cultures in which they are living.

The Oxford Tradition Director 

Director, Michael McKinley

Oxford Tradition Director, Michael McKinley

A journalist, screenwriter, filmmaker and author, Michael has a great deal of experience on our programs, having taught on the Oxford Tradition before directing the Cambridge Tradition for ten years. He now returns to the Oxford Tradition for his seventh year as Director. Since graduating from the University of British Columbia with a BA and from Oxford University with an MLitt, Michael has written widely for major publications and for TV in the UK, the US, and Canada, winning two national awards for feature writing.

He co-wrote and produced Sacred Ballot, a documentary for CNN and the CBC on the successor to Pope John II, and three widely acclaimed documentaries for CNN, The Mystery of JesusThe Two Marys and After Jesus. His first novel, The Penalty Killing, won outstanding reviews when it was printed in paperback in 2011. His book, Hockey Night in Canada: 60 Seasons, was published by Penguin in October 2012.

The Oxford Tradition Faculty

Caroline Batten

BA Swarthmore College, MPhil University of Oxford

Caroline Batten is a doctoral researcher at the University of Oxford studying the magic and supernatural elements of Old English and Old Norse texts. She completed her initial studies at Oxford on the prestigious Keasbey Scholarship.

Julie Bolitho

BA Alma College, MA King's College London

Julie is a 2005 Truman Scholar. Today she works as a poet, essayist, teacher, oil painter, and Kripalu yogini. She holds a BA in English from Alma College, and a master's degree in Literature and Medicine from King's College London. She has been featured on Cambridge University's "Bodies of Work" website, and has won several awards in poetry - among them the first prize in the 2007 Leaf Books Poetry contest. She has been published in a variety of literary journals. Her essays have featured in "Punchnel's," "Vegan Life" magazine, and "The Oxford Medical School Gazette." Julie is also an experienced pedagogue. She is the writer-in-residence at Cheney School in Oxford for First Story, and teaches undergraduate writing courses at St. Clare's College with a special focus on dystopia, fantasy, and travel.

Siân Brooke

BA, MRes University of Portsmouth

Siân a researcher at the University of Oxford Internet Institute, where she is a Clarendon, Emden Doctorow, and ESCR Scholar. Her research is on identity and exclusion in hacking and creative programming cultures. Prior to attending Oxford, Siân’s work addressed the performance of gender in anonymous social networking sites, memes, and GPS dating apps. This research was recognized with a Henry Walton Prize for excellence in social science.

Antonio Celotto

BA Ecole International Realization Audiovisuelle, Paris

Antonio is a screenwriter and filmmaker. During his time at university, he won the prestigious EICAR Student Choice Award, which is given to the best student film, for his short project "Le Mirage." He is currently working on a feature film entitled "Mind Over Matter." In addition to his directorial skills, Antonio is also an experienced videographer, editor, and producer. He is a polyglot and regularly writes material for film in French, Italian, and English.

Dr. Nick Chan

BSc Aberystwyth University, MPhil, DPhil University of Oxford

Dr. Chan completed his doctorate at the University of Oxford as the Sir John Swire Scholar at St. Antony's College. His thesis was on the evolution of developing country coalitions in international climate change negotiations. He is currently investigating North-South relations, developing countries in the post-Cold War era, climate change negotiations, global environmental governance, inequality in world politics, and the power and roles of norms and ideas in international relations. Dr. Chan is also an active practitioner, having advised the delegations of several countries at international climate conferences, and having worked for Members of Parliament in the U.K.

Luar Klinghofer Bar Dov

BFA École Internationale de Création Audiovisuelle et de Réalisation

Luar wrote and directed five short films and participated in over 30 productions while a student at EICAR in Paris, and discovered a love for editing and set design in the process. One of her films went on to win an award in the Women Filmmakers category in the “Best Shorts Competition” at La Jolla. Since graduating she has worked in the art departments of two feature films, and on many other films as an editor, videographer, and assistant producer.

Christina Floe

BA University of Oxford

Christina is a doctoral candidate and graduate tutor in the Department of Experimental Psychology at the University of Oxford. She is currently researching the role of student friendships and interactions in situations of inter-ethnic tension. She also works as a Waynflete Intern in Psychology at Magdalen College School. This involves giving classes about researching and writing extended essays on a variety of subjects related to psychology.

Rodrigo Fracalossi de Moraes

BA State São Paulo University, MA Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul

Rodrigo is a doctoral researcher in International Relations at the University of Oxford. He has a particular interest in transnational civil society and arms control policies. He is a decorated scholar and was awarded a prize for his master’s dissertation by the Ministry of Defense in Brazil. In the past he has worked for the Institute for Applied Economic Research - a Brazilian government-led think-tank whose mission is to improve the country’s public policies through research activities. Rodrigo served in the Brazilian Army as a First Lieutenant. He has published widely and is routinely cited as an authority on civil and social issues in the South American press.

Dr. Farid Garas

MA, DPhil University of Oxford

Dr. Garas is a medical researcher. He departed the hospital for the laboratory after completing the initial phase of his clinical medical training, and gained a doctorate in pharmacology at the University of Oxford as a Clarendon Scholar. Recently he held a postdoctoral Fellowship at the MRC Brain Networks Dynamics Unit. He has since returned to his clinical work in order to qualify for practice as a medical doctor.

Jamelia Harris

BSc University of Southampton, MSc London School of Economics

Jamelia is an economist currently pursuing a doctorate in international development at the University of Oxford. She has extensive experience working on development issues with government in Sierra Leone, first as an economist with the Ministry of Finance through a UK Overseas Development Institute placement, and now as a public financial management advisor to the government. In 2012, Google named Jamelia as third among the Top 100 Future Young Leaders in the UK.

Tom Hashimoto

BA Boston University, MSc London School of Economics, LLM Erasmus University Hamburg

Tom is conducting doctoral research at the University of Oxford. He is a specialist in financial geography. His work concentrates on the development of financial centers in Central and Eastern Europe, with a particular focus on Poland. He also has expertise in EU-Russian relations and Central and Eastern European integration. His findings have been published in the "Journal of Contemporary European Research" and the "International Journal of Energy Security and Environmental Research." Tom is an experienced lecturer, and currently teaches at Vistala University in Poland. He has held similar posts across the world at institutions including the University of Massachusetts, the Albanian Institute for International Studies, and the Center for Social and Economic Research in Warsaw.

Katherine Hipkiss

BA, MA Bath Spa University

Katherine is an actor, director, teacher, and researcher who specializes in Shakespeare and gender in performance. She is the managing and artistic director of the Bath and Bristol based female-run Shakespearean theatre company The Barded Ladies, whose productions include Henry VI Part 3 and A Midsummer Night's Dream for the Bristol Shakespeare Festival.

Kenneth Hoehn

BA Duke University

Kenneth is a doctoral researcher in Genomic Medicine and Statistics. He is currently working on evolutionary approaches to understanding HIV infection. His previous research projects, both in academic and industrial settings, have included cancer genetics and drug sensitivity, the loss of gene function in evolution, the effects of chromosomal inversions on gene flow, sex-determining genes in coffin flies, fruit-fly mating habits, and the mass extinctions of mollusks. He is a Marshall, Goldwater, A.B. Duke, and Robert Byrd scholar.

Arvind Jayakumar

BEng Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences, MBA University of Oxford

Arvind is an engineer dedicated to solving problems. For three years he helped lead the Safe Water Network in India, an international social enterprise dedicated to the delivery of clean drinking water. He previously worked in research and development for a private technology firm in Mumbai. Arvind completed his MBA at the Oxford Saïd Business School as a Louis Dreyfus Weidenfeld Hoffmann and Saïd Scholar.

William Jefferson

BA, BPhil University of Oxford

William is conducting doctoral research at the University of Oxford, where he is based in Balliol College. His thesis focuses on ethics, political philosophy, and the role of empathy in morality. He is also interested in the possibility of blame-free morality; the connections between philosophy and meditation; the idea of learning through experience; and the potential roles for philosophy in social activism. Before taking up his current post at Oxford, William was employed as a management consultant. He routinely conducted mindful empathy workshops with groups such as Giving What We Can, World at Play, and the Kibera School for Girls in Nairobi, Kenya. Outside of academia, William enjoys tennis and yoga.

Dr. Daniel Jordan

BA University College Dublin, PhD University College Dublin

Dr. Jordan completed his doctorate in 17th-century British History at University College, Dublin, and at Hertford College, Oxford, where he was a Visiting Scholar. His thesis was the first study of the life and career of Thomas Butler, Earl of Ossory. His research interests include the social history of the British aristocracy and the history of material and court culture. He publishes and presents at conferences on a regular basis. Dr. Jordan is also a seasoned educator. He has taught both undergraduates and high school students, and has held teaching appointments in Dublin, Oxford, and London, including at St. Paul’s Girls’ School. He is currently the Head of Arts and Humanities at the Oxford Tutorial College.

Luka Katic

MSc University of Novi Sad, MEiCogSci University of Vienna

Luka is conducting doctoral research at the University of Oxford. He is based in the University's Department of Experimental Psychology, where he is focusing on cognitive neuroscience. His principal areas of interest include conformity, decision-making, neuroethics, moral psychology, philosophy of the mind, terror theory, and effective altruism. He has held visiting research positions at several major institutions, most recently at Trinity College Dublin, where he conducted research on spatial cognition in virtual environments.

Keith Kloor

BS SUNY Empire State, MS New Jersey Institute of Technology

Keith Kloor is a New York City based journalist, where he teaches journalism at New York University and the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism. For nearly a decade he was an editor of Audubon Magazine. His writing has appeared in Nature, Science, Archaeology, and Smithsonian magazines. He is a former Fellow of the Center for Environmental Journalism.

Jordan Konell

BA Yale University, MSc University of Oxford

Jordan Konell is a specialist in criminology and education policy. He completed advanced degrees in these areas as a Rhodes Scholar at the University of Oxford. He has helped shape public policy in his native Philadelphia as a Policy Analyst in the Mayor’s Office, a Fellow in the city’s Office for Criminal Justice, and a Fellow at the Public Interest Law Center of Philadelphia. As an undergraduate at Yale he was the Editor-in-Chief of the Yale Undergraduate Law Review.

Vikram Kushwah

BA National Institute of Fashion Technology, MA University for the Creative Arts

Vikram is a professional photographer. His projects convey romantic visions, surrealist ideas, and strong narratives inspired by the uncanny nature of dreams and the distortion of fact in memory. As a student Vikram gained a BA in fashion design, a number of postgraduate diplomas in photography, and ultimately a master's degree in the discipline. Today he works as a commercial and art photographer in London. His images routinely appear in global publications like "Vogue Italia," "Harper's Bazaar," and "The Independent." Saatchi Art recently named Vikram as "an important artist to watch."

Theresa Leigh-Nguyen

BA, BS Columbia University, MSc University of Pennsylvania

Theresa obtained a BA in political science and a BS in computer science from Columbia University before pursuing a Masters of Science in criminology at the University of Pennsylvania. Her work experience and research focuses on human trafficking, data analysis, entrepreneurship, and advocacy. She has won several awards and grants from a variety of organizations, including “Women Who Code,” and the U.S. Department of State.

Valerio Letizia

JD Università degli Studi Roma Tre, MJur University of Oxford

Valerio is a lawyer specializing in international law and international dispute resolution. While at Oxford he received two major recognitions for original research – the Winter Williams Prize and the Law Faculty Law Faculty prize in International law and Armed Conflict.

Stefano Marcuzzi


Stefano is currently conducting geopolitical research in Rome with the prestigious SIOI (Società Italiana Organizzazione Internazionale). His principal areas of interest are the cultural, military, and political environment in which the collaboration between Italy and Britain developed during the First World War, stretching from diplomatic to financial relations, military cooperation, and propaganda; and Italy's role in NATO cyber-defense and Mediterranean strategy. He has published widely on a range of military and cultural subjects. He has also taught undergraduate courses at the University of Oxford.

Dr. Stephen Marsh

BA University of Oxford, BPhil University of Oxford, DPhil University of Oxford

Dr. Marsh is a former Fellow of Magdalene College in the University of Cambridge. He gained his undergraduate from the University of Oxford with a rare first-class honors degree in Classics. He went on to obtain a BPhil and DPhil in Philosophy before teaching at the University, ultimately moving to its famous rival across the Fens. Dr. Marsh is well-traveled and today serves as the Head of Classics at the Kamuzu Academy in Malawi.

Leah Michalove

BA Emory University

Leah is a Rhodes Scholar at the University of Oxford, where she studies Social Anthropology. She is a Middle East specialist, and fluent in both Arabic and Hebrew. Leah has a particular interest in culture and identity in the Middle East and is currently researching the issue of identity among Arab citizens of Israel.

Mattia Montanari

BEng Bologna University, MSc Swansea University, MSc École centrale de Nantes

Mattia is a researcher in the field of Impact Engineering at the University of Oxford, where he develops isogeometric models and corresponding algorithms for the numerical simulation of impacts. Outside the lab, he completed the Saïd Business School’s Entrepreneurship and VIEW programs. Mattia also works with the firm Impact Engineering Technologies to improve the speed of technology transfer from academic laboratories to industry.

Karen Mumba CFA

BA The Copperbelt University, MPP, MBA University of Oxford

Karen is an expert in finance and international development, having worked as a senior auditor and consultant at Deloitte and the World Bank. She completed professional qualifications in business and public policy at the Oxford Saïd Business School and Blavatnik School of Government, where she focused on strategy and innovation in both business and governance. While at Oxford she was a Convener of the Rhodes Scholars Southern Africa Forum, and a Member of the Oxford Global Leadership Initiative and the Oxford Saïd Finance Lab.

Johana Musalkova

BA Charles University Prague, MA University of Aberdeen, MSc University of Amsterdam

Johana is a doctoral researcher at the University of Oxford. She is based in the Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology, where she is currently investigating issues of identity, memory, and region in Silesia. Her past projects have focused on the personal narratives of women living under Communism, and the relationship between language and power. Johana is also an expert on NGOs, and is experienced in development and fundraising - having once worked for the Forum 2000 Foundation.

Dr. Alice Récalde

BS University of Bordeaux, MS University of Poitiers, PhD Université Paris Diderot, Paris VII

Dr. Récalde is a postdoctoral researcher in cell culture, molecular biology, and immunostaining at the University of Oxford, where she works in the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine. Her work has been published in a wide range of journals, and she regularly presents her findings at academic conferences across the world. Dr. Récalde has extensive teaching experience, and has supervised students up to PhD level at the University of Oxford.

Carrie Ryan

BA The University of the South, MPhil University of Oxford

A Rhodes Scholar and anthropologist, Carrie’s field of interest are the personal and political implications of a risk culture on elder care, end of life advanced planning, end of life care ethics, elder ‘activity theory’, and elder institutionalization. She has carried out research in the United States and India.

Dr. Ahmed Salman

BSc, MSc Ain Shams University, DPhil University of Oxford

A university teacher and postdoctoral immunologist working on malaria and tuberculosis at the Jenner Institute, Dr. Salman was awarded a doctorate for research into liver-stage vaccines using transgenic rodent malaria parasites. He was previously a PhD research fellow in Leiden and a visiting postdoctoral fellow at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory.

Cephas Samende

BEng University of Zambia

Cephas is a Rhodes Scholar at the University of Oxford pursuing research in electrical engineering. His work seeks to solve power storage, transfer and efficiency challenges that particularly face rural areas. Prior to Oxford he served as a lecturer at the University of Zambia and an electrical engineer for the Zambian rural electrification authority.

Ibon Santiago

BSc University of the Basque Country, MSc Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Ibon is currently conducting doctoral research at the University of Oxford, where he specializes in condensed matter physics. His most recent projects in the Clarendon Laboratory have been moving toward programmable, motile, and responsive nanodevices in which DNA is used as a building block. He has extensive experience in ultra-high vacuum procedures, advanced laser technology, and optical setups. Ibon’s research work has taken him to Harvard University, the University of Würzburg, and CERN in Switzerland, where he conducted experiments at the Large Hadron Collider. He is widely published and has taught students up to graduate level.

Nchimunya Nelisa Tebeka

BSc Jacobs University, MSc Max-Planck-Institut für marine Mikrobiologie

A Rhodes Scholar, Nchimunya is completing a doctorate on the structural basis for autoimmune therapeutics. Before taking up her Rhodes scholarship, she conducted research on enzymes at the Max Planck Research School of Marine Microbiology in Bremen.

Dr. Jorge Varela Barreras

BSc, MSc Universidad de Vigo, MSc, PhD Aalborg Universitet

Jorge is a post-doctoral scholar in Battery Management at Oxford University. He works with AMPLiFII, a project aimed at laying the foundations of a new UK automotive supply chain. His current research focus is on novel electric vehicle concepts and Li-ion battery modeling, simulation, emulation, testing, diagnosis, balancing and management systems. He previously co-founded a photovoltaic consulting company. He has been a visiting researcher at RWTH ISEA Aachen University, Germany, and FEUP and INES TEC Porto, Portugal.

Dr. Marsha Wallace

BS Middle Tennessee State University, PhD Cornell University

Dr. Wallace is a researcher at the Ludwig Cancer Institute at the University of Oxford. She works on functional and inherited genomics for application in the prediction and treatment of human disease. Dr. Wallace obtained a PhD in genetics and genomics focusing on somatic alterations that drive cancer. She has significant experience teaching laboratory and cell biology, incorporating cutting-edge research, new biotechnologies, and emerging issues such as genetic testing, personalized medicine, and bioethics.

Sarah Yerima

AB Princeton University, MPhil University of Oxford

Sarah completed her graduate study in comparative government at the University of Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar. Her research interests include racial and gender inequities, legal studies, US political history, and contentious politics.