The Program


The Oxford Summer Seminar is a week-long intellectual immersion for students in grades 10-12 held in Corpus Christi College, Oxford University, England. It enables small groups of dedicated students to plunge into the subjects they love and to brush up on the skills required for college applications, all under the guidance of university experts.

The Summer Seminars run for one week at a time. Students may opt for a Double Major, and attend for two weeks, taking two different Majors.

The international faculty includes Rhodes and Marshall Scholars, leading courses in Business, English Literature, History's Secrets, Math and Nature, Medicine, and Psychology. Students also take part in a series of Seminars – led by university admissions experts – specially designed to brush-up their learning skills and assist with their university applications.

The evenings are devoted to experiencing Oxford's remarkable cultural scene. They typically include outings to Shakespeare plays, concerts (classical and modern), sporting events, and dances. 

The Oxford Seminar is sponsored by The Foundation for International Education in cooperation with Oxbridge Academic Programs.