Cultural Enrichment, Activities & Sports

Rides, games, and food at Coney Island
The Cultural Enrichment and Activities programs ensure that whenever students are not in class they have a wide range of opportunities available through which to further immerse themselves in local life and culture. From museum tours to choral concerts, sports and movie nights, students have multiple options every day to satisfy their creative, intellectual, and gastronomic ambitions. The Activities Directors transform the program sites into laboratories in which students can actively, and safely, engage with their exciting surroundings.

Activities & Sports 

The Wonder Wheel at Coney Island

Our extracurricular program maintains a healthy balance between study and leisure time that allows students to relax and unwind. To that end, the Activities Directors organize a full daily program of elective social events and sports. These typically include dances, quiz nights, talent shows, and poetry readings, as well as many sports and activities.

Students may choose to participate in structured activities or take advantage of the hundreds of other opportunities that New York City provides. Our sports program includes opportunities to play softball, basketball, volleyball, Ultimate Frisbee, and soccer. Our residence is only minutes away from the basketball, tennis, and soccer facilities of Riverside Park and the wide open spaces, baseball diamonds, and bicycling paths of Central Park.

Ice Cream Social

One might run a lap of the reservoir in Central Park, jog along the Hudson River pathway, walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, explore local farmers markets, play speed chess in the open air, or participate in games and tournaments with fellow students. Other options might include joining a member of staff for a walking tour of Greenwich Village, Soho, Little Italy, Chinatown, or Times Square or visiting the top of the Empire State Building or Rockefeller Center for truly spectacular views of Manhattan.

Many students use their free time to pursue individual interests. Our program is equipped with a small library of books, DVDs of classic American movies, board games, and sports equipment so students can make the most of the glorious sunshine or a rainy day. There is plenty of time for fun, relaxation, sightseeing, and socializing with new friends.

Cultural Enrichment

A visit to the METDesigned to complement students’ class work, our activities program ensures that whenever students are not in the classroom they have a range of cultural opportunities available. From museum tours to visits to cultural centers throughout the city, students have multiple options every day to satisfy their creative and intellectual ambitions. The Activities Directors transform New York City into a classroom in which students can actively engage with the culture, history, and life around them.

With summer festivals, concerts, theater performances, gallery exhibitions, and museum exhibits, New York offers unsurpassed cultural exploration and adventure. Students marvel at the city’s iconic architectural masterpieces, explore open spaces, parks, and gardens, see a Broadway show, and discover a world of opportunity under the guidance, advice, and care of our on-site staff.

There are many historical sites in New York City that mark pivotal events in American history from colonial times to the present day. There is a fascinating story to be told around every corner, and every moment is a glimpse into New York’s compelling past. We work hard to ensure that all our students make the most of their time in New York.