Cultural Enrichment, Activities, & Sports

The Cultural Enrichment and Activities programs ensure that whenever students are not in class they have a wide range of opportunities available through which to further immerse themselves in local life and culture.  From museum tours, choral concerts, sports and movie-nights, students have multiple options every day to satisfy their creative, intellectual, and gastronomic ambitions. The Activities Directors transform the program sites into laboratories in which students can actively, and safely, engage with their exciting surroundings.

Activities & Sports 

Our extracurricular program maintains a healthy balance between study and leisure time that allows students to relax and unwind.

To that end, the Activities Directors organize daily elective social events and sports. These typically include dances, hikes, soccer, tennis, quidditch, cricket, running, chess tournaments and quiz nights, as well as plenty of time for fun, relaxation, sightseeing, and socializing with new friends. They practice their short game on the hilly course at the unusual Himalayas Putting Course while enjoying views of internationally renowned golf courses and the North Sea. Some students like to go for a jog to reenact the famous scene from "Chariots of Fire", which was filmed on this beach. 

All of these activities provide our students with unparalleled exposure to St Andrews' many resources. In addition, they help students make friends and discover shared interests that settle them swiftly into their new surroundings. This level of familiarity and bonding helps create the warm, welcoming community within each program. The certainty that they are in a secure and centrally located environment, as well as part of a supportive peer group, encourages our students to open their minds to the enriching personal and intellectual challenges that our programs present to them.

Cultural Enrichment

Designed to complement students' class work, the cultural enrichment program ensures that whenever students are not in the classroom they have a range of cultural opportunities available. 

From museum tours to choral concerts, students have multiple options every day to satisfy their creative and intellectual ambitions. The Activities Directors transform St Andrews and Fife into living classrooms where students can actively – and safely – engage with the history and tradition around them. 

They visit the well-preserved ruins of the Cathedral of St Andrews and St Andrews Castle, which are perched on a rocky promontory, and take in the spectacular views from St Rule's Tower. In their free time, they take a walk along the beach while enjoying an ice cream at West Sands, which at low tide seems to extend forever into the ocean. In the afternoons and on weekends, students escape to the oasis of the St Andrews Botanic Garden, where they discover a haven of rare and unusual plants as they stroll among ponds, small waterfalls and rock gardens; they can catch a play at the Byre Theatre, or check out the penguins at the St Andrews Aquarium. Students can get a glimpse of the lives and times of previous students and the history of this prestigious institution at the Museum of the University of St Andrews, or relax with tea and scones at the cafe on the grounds of Cambo Estate Gardens.