Field Trips

Over the course of the month students enjoy several day-long field trips. Students benefit from a combination of guided visits, free time to explore, and unique classes crafted by their Major teacher to take advantage of each location. Below are some of the field trips our students in Salamanca enjoy.

Also known as "the City of Stone and Saints" and the "most 16th century city in Spain," Ávila sits on the flat summit of a rocky hill and maintains a historic Romanesque and Gothic skyline with churches surrounded by city walls.

First identified in Celtic times, Segovia stands as a testament to the great cultural diversity of Spain. Students explore this UNESCO World Heritage site by visiting the aqueduct, Spain’s most important work of Roman civil engineering, the Jewish synagogue, confiscated in 1419 and converted into the church of Corpus Christi, and the Alcázar of Segovia, a favorite palace of the Kings of Castile.

The third largest city in Europe has maintained its historic look and feel while accommodating a modern infrastructure with its iconic Royal Palace of Madrid, the Royal Theatre, Buen Retiro Park, museums, and the symbol of the city, Cibeles Palace and Fountain.