Guest Speakers

Every year our programs invite a special selection of guest speakers – successful men and women drawn from very different walks of life – to engage with students on a wide variety of political, economic, social, artistic, academic, and literary topics. 

Listed below are some of the speakers from recent summers.

Tanya Anderson

The U.S. Consul General in Barcelona, Ms. Anderson joined the Foreign Service in 1993. Her overseas assignments have included service in Egypt as Information Officer, Oman as Public Affairs Section Chief, Morocco as Public Affairs Officer - Casablanca, Kuwait as Public Affairs Section Chief, and in Iraq as U.S. Embassy - Baghdad Regional Coordinator for Public Affairs for all Provincial Reconstruction Teams. Prior to her placement in Spain, she served as Director for the Office of Regional and Security Policy in the Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs, Department of State. Consul General Anderson discusses her long and impressive career in the Foreign Service with our students.

    Àlex Prunés

    Àlex Prunés was born in Barcelona in 1974. He graduated from the University of Barcelona where he specialized in fine arts, specifically painting. He later completed his Masters at the University of Barcelona with a focus on realism and the environment. Since then, Àlex has been painting stunningly realistic cityscapes and landscapes with a small touch of the absurd, captivating the viewer and creating fantastic narratives that blend reality with the imagination. His work has been exhibited at many solo shows throughout Europe.

      Oliver Sutton

      Oliver earned an MPhil in Philosophy from Manchester Metropolitan University and a Masters in Globalization, Cooperation, and Development from the University of Barcelona. In addition to his accomplishments in language education, he has developed a keen interest in the relationship between globalization and urbanization, particularly the model of urban development pursued by Barcelona. He currently lives and works in Barcelona.

        Mathew Tree

        Matthew, a writer, taught himself Catalan in 1979, began living in Barcelona in 1984, and was first published in 1990. His oeuvre includes novels, essays, and polemics written in Catalan, English, and Spanish on a wide range of philosophical, political, and social topics such as work, monarchy, religion, and race. His work has been featured in several anthologies and collective books about Barcelona. He is a noted columnist, contributing to a wide range of newspapers and periodicals in Britain and Spain. His latest novel, Snug, was published in 2013. He frequently contributes to radio and TV.