Cultural Enrichment, Activities & Sports

The Cultural Enrichment and Activities programs ensure that whenever students are not in class they have a wide range of opportunities available through which to further immerse themselves in local life and culture.  From museum tours to choral concerts, sports and movie nights, students have multiple options every day to satisfy their creative, intellectual, and gastronomic ambitions.  The Activities Directors transform the program sites into laboratories in which students can actively, and safely, engage with their exciting surroundings.

Activities & Sports 

As our program hosts students whose aim is to learn and improve their Spanish and students who are not necessarily interested in learning the language, we offer activities in both Spanish and English. Students interested in furthering their language skills can participate in language workshops that are organized three times a week. Students can also practice their Spanish with faculty, staff, and friends while sitting at la mesa española during meals.

Our extracurricular program maintains a healthy balance between study and leisure time that allows students to relax and unwind. To that end, the Activities Directors organize a full daily program of elective social events and sports. These typically include dances, quiz nights, talent shows, movie nights, cinema trips, and poetry readings as well as other options.

Students may choose to participate in structured activities or take advantage of the hundreds of other opportunities the city provides. On-site or just nearby, students have access to a gym, tennis courts, and basketball courts. Our sports program includes soccer, basketball, yoga, fitness classes, and jogging as well as outings to swimming pools and local beaches. Our Activities Directors plan these events regularly, ensuring that students can truly make the most of every available opportunity.

In addition to sports facilities, there are a range of spaces where students can gather to hang out with new friends or do homework. Our residence has a TV room for watching movies, a laundry room with full facilities, and an area for quiet study. Students have access to a gymnasium for sports and recreational purposes.

These activities and cultural events enable students to make friends and discover shared interests. The certainty that they are in a secure and comfortable environment, as well as part of a supportive peer group, encourages our students to open themselves to the new experiences our program provides.

Cultural Enrichment

Whether exploring the Roman ruins in the Barri Gòtic or attending a classical music concert in the glorious Palau de la Música Catalana, students always have a range of stimulating activities available to them. Our program is timed so that students have the opportunity to participate in the Barcelona Grec Festival which features theater, dance, and music performances throughout the entire city every night.

One of the highlights of the city is a stroll down Las Ramblas, the most famous street in Barcelona. Stretching from the Plaza de Cataluña to the statue of Christopher Columbus, Las Ramblas is a kaleidoscope of flower and animal stalls, merchants selling crafts and trinkets, outdoor cafés, and artists and performers. With the constant atmosphere of a carnival, it is an irresistible gathering place alive with the excitement of this cosmopolitan city.

One cannot take in the splendor of Barcelona without noting the wondrous architecture, especially the creations of the city's most beloved son, Antoni Gaudí. His visionary, otherworldly works form an intrinsic part of Barcelona's identity. From the spires atop the majestic Sagrada Família to the organic shapes and formations that make up the Palau Güell, Casa Batlló, and La Pedrera, one marvels at Gaudí's genius and his influence on the Modernismo movement.

Barcelona also boasts a vast collection of museums, including the Picasso Museum, the Miró Foundation, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona, and the Catalan Museum of Archaeology. The vast array of both ancient and modern presents unlimited opportunities for cultural enrichment and intellectual adventure in Barcelona.