Field Trips

Over the course of the month students enjoy several day-long field trips. Students benefit from a combination of guided visits, free time to explore, and unique classes crafted by their Major teacher to take advantage of each location. Below are some of the field trips our students in Paris enjoy.

Château de Vincennes

The relationship between royalty and Vincennes goes back almost a thousand years. Louis VII (1137-1180) dated deeds from the manor, and Saint Louis (1226-1270) used it as his main residence. Henry V of England and France died here in 1422, and Louis XIV and XVIII sought refuge within its walls. It was later transformed into a prison that held inmates as diverse as Diderot, Mirabeau, and the Marquis de Sade. 

Initially a modest hunting lodge, Versailles came to epitomize the power and the glory of Louis XIV’s (1638-1715) absolutist rule as well as its excesses and eventual bloody unravelling. Students receive a guided tour of the spectacular state apartments and Hall of Mirrors. They enjoy a picnic lunch by one of the great lakes before exploring the vast, extravagant gardens, the Petit and the Grand Trianons, and the hamlet that Marie Antoinette built as her personal rustic playground.

Vaux le Vicomte 
The grandeur and elegance of this beautiful 17th-century château and its landscaped gardens, commissioned by Louis XIV’s finance minister, are breathtaking – so breathtaking that they drove the Sun King mad with envy. Our group arrives in the late afternoon for a guided tour of the château, which is majestically furnished in the style of the era. The students then spend an evening strolling among the formal gardens, fountains, and lakes, exploring the estate, which is entirely illuminated by candlelight.