Cultural Enrichment, Activities & Sports

The Cultural Enrichment and Activities programs ensure that whenever students are not in class they have a wide range of opportunities available through which to further immerse themselves in local life and culture.  From museum tours to choral concerts, sports and movie-nights, students have multiple options every day to satisfy their creative, intellectual, and gastronomic ambitions.  The Activities Directors transform the program sites into laboratories in which students can actively, and safely, engage with their exciting surroundings.

Activities & Sports 

Throughout the program, our Activities Directors design and supervise a variety of activities, including regular movie nights, several dances, a talent show, and chocolate and cheese tastings. Outings are organized to all the major cultural sites, the theater, the opera or ballet, musical concerts, a local carnival, and the Bastille Day celebrations. Other recent activities have included Sunday picnics in the park of a nearby château, an excursion to the Canal Saint-Martin made famous in the popular movie Amélie, and a visit to the Parisian sewers as well as myriad exhibits in little-known museums. Every year, the program culminates with an awards ceremony and banquet followed by an evening of dancing.

For athletically inclined students, we have a sports hall on-site where students take part in pick-up games of soccer, basketball, tennis, or volleyball. The picturesque Luxembourg Gardens, just next door, are ideal for jogging. Students can also swim at the local sports center and practice yoga in the school's dance studio.

We seek to emphasize and encourage francophone activities. We create a table française in the dining hall where students, regardless of level, can come together with faculty to speak French. We invite all interested students to request a room on a French-speaking hall if they wish to converse in French on a daily basis.

These activities and cultural events enable students to make friends and discover shared interests. The certainty that they are in a secure and comfortable environment, as well as part of a supportive peer group, encourages our students to open themselves to the new experiences our program provides.

Cultural Enrichment

Paris is remarkable for the level of intimacy that it grants its visitors. With proper guidance, outsiders can truly become insiders during their stay in this most beautiful of cities. One of our main goals is to introduce the dizzying array of cultural and historical riches to our students in an instructive and entertaining manner. To this end, the program incorporates a variety of guided activities each day such as walking tours, field trips, and visits to famous sites. The majority of these activities are elective, giving students complete flexibility to pursue their individual interests and explore the city independently.

Our focus is not always on the most recognizable destinations. There is a more private, lesser-known Paris to which we introduce students, one that provides lasting memories and creates a profound connection with the city. This can include visits to the Père Lachaise Cemetery, the final resting place of Molière, Chopin, Oscar Wilde, and Jim Morrison; the Marché aux Puces, a bustling flea market with more than 2000 stalls; the Musée Marmottan, widely considered to be France’s leading repository of Impressionist art, housing the largest Monet collection in the world as well as works by Renoir, Gauguin, and Sisley; and the 600-year-old buildings and squares of the Marais district which includes the traditional Jewish quarter, the majestic Place des Vosges, and the house of Victor Hugo.

Students also see the museums and attractions that make Paris so famous, including the Louvre, the Musée d’Orsay, the Eiffel Tower, the Sacré-Coeur, the Centre Pompidou, the Arc de Triomphe, the Panthéon, and much more.