The Program


L'Académie de France is an academic French immersion program for students in grades 9-12. It is held at the Lycée Notre Dame de la Merci, a boarding school minutes away from the historic heart of Montpellier, France. La Merci recently inaugurated a brand new dorm with air conditioning in every student room, and we're delighted for our students to be able to take advantage of this beautiful new residence.

L'Académie de France is a 100% immersion program, catering to students whose aim is to improve their spoken and written French by communicating exclusively in French throughout their time on the program. Students must have already completed at least two years of French in school, and may sign up for a variety of courses focusing on a wide range of themes (from art history and cuisine to international relations and medicine), all of which are geared towards improving language skills. All communication throughout the day – in the residence, in the classroom, during activities, during social hours, during excursions, with guest speakers – takes place in French, and students are expected to speak French every moment of the month (staff are bilingual and can communicate with parents in English). Living this way in Montpellier for four weeks, students come away having had a true immersion experience. 

At the end of the program, students can opt to travel to Paris for five days after the program in order to continue their immersion experience in France's spectacular capital, see Paris Connection

L'Académie de France is sponsored by The Foundation for International Education in cooperation with Oxbridge Academic Programs.