Teacher Seminars

Our Teacher Seminars are led by distinguished scholars. They are designed to give participants access to current scholarship and university resources in a variety of fields; to introduce them to innovative approaches to traditional ideas and subjects; to explore new pedagogical and curricular possibilities; and to provide a variety of cultural, social, and imaginative experiences, all in the world's greatest centers of culture and learning - including Boston, Cambridge, St Andrews, Paris, and Oxford. 

The seminars involve plenary sessions given by outstanding academics and intellectuals; regular discussions on more focused educational themes; a comprehensive schedule of cultural events and outings, historical tours, museum and gallery visits; and free time for individual research and relaxation.

At the heart of the Teacher Seminars are elective Study Groups, each designed to provide an academic focus for the participant's experience, and to take advantage of the Study Group leader's expertise. 

The Boston Teacher Seminar (June 25 - July 1) is held in North Hall, a residence of Harvard Law School. Teachers become part of all that Harvard, Cambridge, and Boston have to offer, including great museums and collections; laboratories where, each day, scientists push at new frontiers; and, above all, a vibrant and eclectic academic community.

The Cambridge Teacher Seminar (June 30 - July 7) is held in Peterhouse – the oldest college in the University of Cambridge. Here, teachers find an inspiring setting for intellectual reflection and cultural enrichment. The diverse program of plenary speakers and events makes accessible much of the scholarly wealth and history of the University.

The St Andrews Teacher Seminar (July 9 - July 16) takes place in Agnes Blackadder Hall, named after Agnes Forbes Blackadder, the first woman to be awarded a degree by the University of St Andrews. Participants become intimately familiar with a beautiful medieval city whose picturesque ruins decorate one of Britain’s academic powerhouses.  

The Paris Teacher Seminar (July 16 - July 23) takes place in the FIAP Jean Monnet, a university residence in the 14th arrondissement, where participants are ideally situated to absorb the atmosphere and culture of Paris. The program is designed not only for teachers of French but for teachers of history, literature, art, or any subject that can draw on the rich artistic and historical offerings of French society.

The Oxford Teacher Seminar (July 23 - July 30) is held in Mansfield College in the University of Oxford. Participants have the unique opportunity to share in the academic and cultural traditions of this famous institution. Teachers meet Rhodes Scholars; visit colleges, libraries, and historic sites; and gain an insider’s feeling for the deeper resources behind the beauty and tradition of “the city of dreaming spires.”