Oxford Spring Seminar

Oxford Spring Seminar 2018 – Details for Educators

Oxbridge Academic Programs has been welcoming intellectually adventurous students to Oxford for over 30 years. The Oxford Spring Seminar, a week-long academic program for students in grades 10-12, held in Corpus Christi College, from April 1-8, or in Pembroke College from April 8-15. It will be organized in conjunction with the Foundation for International Education, and will provide students with the opportunity to immerse themselves in subjects that fascinate them, and to brush up on the skills required for university applications, all under the guidance of Oxford experts. More significantly, perhaps, it provides schools with the opportunity to design their own intensive, pre-college experience.

Design Your Own Oxford Seminar

Uniquely, the Oxford Spring Seminar offers schools and educators the opportunity to create their own pre-college experience for their students. Schools and teachers interested in bringing groups of 6 or more students can work with our syllabus coordinators, Oxford academics, and activity coordinators, to develop bespoke courses that build on the work they have been doing at school, while making full use of Oxford's extraordinary resources. Teachers accompany their students to Oxford, and are provided with complimentary airfare and accommodation. Alongside their students, they experience all that Oxford has to offer. 

Classes are held every morning for three and a half hours, and we are delighted to consider all academic requests. Possible courses include:

• Ancient History
• Biology
• Classics
• Critical Thinking
• Economics
• English
• History
• Genetics

• International Relations
• Law
• Math and Engineering
• Medicine
• Physics
• Politics

• Psychology


Life and Culture


Once the seat of kings, Oxford has been a scholarly community for almost 900 years. Today it continues to be one of the most important intellectual and cultural centers in the world. The first Oxford college was founded in the mid-1200s, though the city had established a reputation as a gathering place for scholars by the time of the Norman Conquest in 1066. Oxford is a city of legend and achievement- a city in which students sense that history lives in every building, in every monument, and on every street.

Corpus Christi College (April 1-8)

Corpus Christie College was founded in 1517 by Richard Fox, bishop and political adviser to King Henry VII. Former members include founder of the colony Georgia, James Oglethorpe, social and political theorist Isaiah Berlin, and American philosopher Thomas Nagel.

Pembroke College (April 8-15)

Pembroke College was founded in 1624 by King James I. Former members include British Prime Minister William Pitt the Younger, American Senator J. William Fulbright, Sir Roger Bannister, and Samuel Johnson, author of A Dictionary of the English Language.

Outside the classroom, our staff immerses students in Oxford’s remarkable cultural scene. From literary festivals to concerts, walking tours, theater trips, football games, and initiations to rowing, there is a full range of activities on offer. Our staff is also happy to work with school groups to design specific actvities for them.

Meet Some of Our Faculty

Dr. Luke Berryman BA University of Oxford, MA Boston University, PhD King’s College London
Dr. Berryman is a specialist in cultural history. His recent research focuses on the use of classical music in Nazi propaganda.

Dr. Farid Garas BA, DPhil, University of Oxford 
After several years of research into immunofluorescence and confocal microscopy, Dr. Garas has returned to his studies in clinical medicine to qualify for practice

Dr. Vuyane Mhlomi MBChB University of Cape Town 
Dr. Mhlomi is a medical doctor currently completing a doctorate in Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar. 

Complete Listing of Oxford Seminar Faculty

 Further Information

  • For complete details, including information regarding tuition and group bookings, please contact the Oxbridge office on +1 212 932 3049 or at info@oxbridgeprograms.com

  • For information on customized courses for groups of 6 or more and complementary travel and accommodation for teachers, please email:  luke@oxbridgeprograms.com