- Founder's Welcome

Dear Teachers, Librarians, and School Leaders, 

I founded the Teacher Seminar program more than 20 years ago in response to the many teachers who, when I visited schools to talk about our academic programs for students, used to say — only partly in jest — “That’s great for the students, but what about us?” They were right, of course. Having long believed that there is no group more deserving, harder working, or more responsive to this kind of learning opportunity, I worked to design a seminar that would meet their needs — intellectual, professional, and personal.

From the beginning, the vision has been to bring teachers into direct contact with leading scholars, writers, and public figures, in an historic and stimulating environment, surrounded by cultural and academic resources. At first in Oxford, then in Paris and Cambridge, and now in Boston and St Andrews, these Teacher Seminars offer a mixture of intellectual refreshment, cultural enrichment, and professional development, all in the most inspiring of settings. Ultimately, the aim is to support and invigorate classroom teaching with new ideas and energy, new texts and techniques, new content and connections.

Participants in the Seminars come from every kind of background and school imaginable. They have included new teachers, seasoned veterans, department heads, counselors, librarians, and principals. Invariably, the experience and enthusiasm of the participants themselves have enriched the program beyond measure. We would be delighted to put you in touch with former participants as you consider applying. Teachers come to our seminars for various reasons: to pursue professional development, to indulge intellectual interests, or to fulfill lifelong personal dreams. Whatever your priority, I hope to see you in Boston, Cambridge, Oxford, St Andrews, or Paris this summer!

James G. Basker