Study Group Leaders (Teacher Seminars)

Study Group Leaders for Teacher Seminars in Oxford, Cambridge, St Andrews, Paris, and Boston.

Our Teacher Seminars are week-long residential seminars in July, designed for teachers, librarians, school administrators and other educational professionals.


Qualifications and Experience
We are looking for Junior Research Fellows (JRFs), tenured Fellows or other professional academics.

Applicants should be based locally to our individual Teacher Seminars in Oxford, Cambridge, St Andrews, Paris, or Boston. We do not provide accommodation or travel to or from a Seminar each day.

Job Description:

The role of a Study Group Leader is more of a discussion leader and facilitator than a teacher. The aim is to invigorate participants’ existing interest in the subject (since they are familiar with the general topic). We’re really looking to make participants engage with a subject in new and innovative ways. In addition to the week-long commitment, appointed Study Group leaders submit short reading lists to our New York office in around late May for optional preparatory reading for their Study Group participants. This helps build direction, excitement and provides momentum for a week-long Seminar.

Oxford, Cambridge, St Andrews, and Boston
We offer a number of Study Groups in each location (see below) and each group meets six times during the week-long Teacher Seminar. Each meeting runs from 9.00am to 11.30am, after which Study Group leaders take their group to a local site of interest or a suitable class on a student program that we run in the same city. Meeting sessions conclude by 12.30pm. A Seminar Director is on-hand to provide support and advice if necessary and there are no afternoon or evening commitments.

We offer English- and French-speaking Study Groups. The daily schedule involves morning, afternoon, and evening commitments, and is integrated with the plenary program of speakers, events, and field trips.

Study Groups:


 Literature and the Fantastic English Literature Anglophone Applying to College  Issues in American History
 The Library and the Academy The Changing Library Francophone Economics  Music
 Shakespeare in History Why History Matters  Celtic Literatures  STEM in Focus
 Boundaries of Scientific Knowledge Thinking Mathematically    The Future of the College Process
 Leadership Challenges in
 Contemporary Education


For details of any Study Group, as well as Seminar dates in July, please consult the Teacher Seminar section of our website and peruse our downloadable brochure. The brochure includes a detailed description of each Study Group as well as an idea of the curriculum involved.

We offer competitive salaries commensurate with experience.

NOTE: If interested in teaching on a student program AND leading a Teacher Seminar Study Group, applicants are very welcome to apply for both – but please indicate a preference if you have one.