Program Assistants & Activities Directors

Summer 2017 on Employment Opportunities in England, Scotland, France, Spain, and the United States.


Qualifications and Experience
We are looking for undergraduates or young graduate students with extensive knowledge and experience of Oxford, Cambridge, St Andrews, Paris, Montpellier, Barcelona, Salamanca, New York, Los Angeles, or Boston as local university students or as program alumni (see below). All applicants should be in at least their second year of university studies. The characteristics desired are a combination of positive attitude, character, camaraderie, a sense of fun and the enthusiasm and initiative to get things done. Applicants wishing to work in France or Spain must be fluent in French or Spanish.

Applicants should be local university students and deeply familiar with Oxford, Cambridge, St Andrews, Paris, Montpellier, Barcelona, Salamanca, New York, Los Angeles, or Boston. Please be aware that we do not fly Program Assistants or Activities Directors to the programs from the US or elsewhere, and we look for knowledge of and familiarity with the program location to which you're applying. This means that program alumni who work for us are generally studying locally and stay in their respective university city during the vacation. If this applies to you, please explain in your cover letter.

Job Description:

Program Assistants
Working as a Program Assistant is as varied as it is rewarding. Hours of work vary but Program Assistants generally work 8 hour shifts six days a week over the course of the program, based in and around the Program Office. Work in the Program Office involves dealing with students, parents, fellow members of staff, and program guests, and ensuring that the program runs smoothly in the broadest sense.

Program Assistants are generally ‘around’ for most of the time, contributing to the atmosphere of the Program Office and the program as a whole, available in case of emergency, and – as residential staff members – they dine in the residence and are a positive, engaged presence on the program. Program Assistants are also involved with the Activities program, working with Activities Directors.

Activities Directors
Activities Directors are responsible for designing, publicizing, implementing and supervising an Activities program that is optional for program participants, but means that students are never left unoccupied outside of class. This can include everything from running sports tournaments and museum tours to organizing dances and arranging local guest speakers; the only real limitations are your imagination and a budget.

Like Program Assistants, Activities Directors are generally ‘around’ for most of the day (with one day off per week), either in the Program Office or supervising and leading Activities. Activities Directors generally spend mornings planning activities and afternoons and evenings leading and supervising them, with support from Program Assistants and other members of staff. In practice, the hours are quite long but relatively flexible and the experience extremely rewarding. As residential staff members, Activities Directors dine in the residence and are a positive, engaged presence on the program. A successful Activities Program is vital to creating a happy student body.

Program Details
Please review our program dates on this website, and be aware that administrative staff arrive in residence one week prior to students arriving and remain for two days after they leave.

We offer competitive salaries commensurate with experience. Accommodation, breakfast and dinner each day are provided in addition to the salary. 

NOTE: If interested in both positions, applicants are very welcome to apply to work as a Program Assistant AND Activities Director – but please indicate a preference if you have one.